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@6CMZGQ3Conservativefrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Absolutely STOP!!!! this immediately. We have enough issues with looking after our own health care, education and the elderly. What about the non-affordable housing issues in Vancouver, Toronto etc? We have so many reasons to stop giving so MUCH MONEY to importing refugees. We have so many homeless youth. We have so many people that have addiction problems and so much mental illness. Stop giving our tax money away now!!!! Use it here in Canada. Let's clean up our own backyard.

@9TK8VL2Rhinocerosfrom Ontario  answered…9mos

right now, Canada needs to focus on the current residents, citizens before bringing in more - doesnt matter the country

@9JPB96PConservativefrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

@9XD6NH2People’s Partyfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

Yes, limited and families only and after extensive background checks

@9WZJGWMRhinocerosfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

yes, As long as they are willing to eventually get a job and contribute to society just like everyone else.

@9WWVKCWRhinocerosfrom Quebec  answered…4mos

Yes, those bringing skills and education for economic benefit.

@9KVSWXTRhinocerosfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

Yes, but provide a lengthier more involved background check

@9GDKPJNNew Democraticfrom Quebec  answered…1yr

@9FVCCSSNew Democraticfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

yes but maybe continuous monitoring for the first year or so to ensure they/we feel safe and protected

@9WWCWWNGreenfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

Yes, but only those families that desperately need to be in Canada because of their situation and have them start working immediately not the government provide for them for months and only to have the women have more and more babies to live off baby funding.

@9WSRBV7Rhinocerosfrom Alberta  answered…4mos

I struggle with this question. We need to screen and have certain expectations from them upon entry.

@9WNJBNPConservativefrom Saskatchewan  answered…4mos

I think we should choose carefully on who should be accepted refugees to come to Canada. (check their background, information , etc.)

@9WNF2KKRhinocerosfrom Alberta  answered…4mos

I again think that Syrian Refugees should be allowed access to the country as long as they undergo strong screenings

@9WMMHCPLibertarianfrom Manitoba  answered…4mos

@9WKZXJTfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

I dont have enough information to answer. All lives should be saved... including our own. And I just do not have enough information to know if this option makes me feel more or less safe in my country.

@9WKTNC2from Alberta  answered…4mos

Y es, but only after extensive background checks and continuous monitoring to ensure they have no terrorist connections AND have something to offer our society (job)

@9WK8NZ2Greenfrom Alberta  answered…5mos

No, we should stop accepting all immigrants/refugees until we re-stabilize our current citizens

@9WJXC24from British Columbia  answered…5mos

Yes but they should be back round checked and assimilated into Canada. better support should be giving for getting jobs and training

@9WJJ6ZHGreenfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

@9WJH76CRhinocerosfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

All refugees should have equal opportunity. If there is an issue, consider taking in more from that country that has the issue, but focus on equal chance for all refugees.

@9WJCQV3Communistfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

Fix the issues in Canada first... fix health care, fix the school systems, help First Nations heal and work towards reconciliation before helping other countries

@9WJ6JNYPeople’s Partyfrom Alberta  answered…5mos

No we are in a pandemic and should not be bringing in more people

@9WHS2BNLiberalfrom Quebec  answered…5mos

Canada should accept as many refugees as Canada can without accepting more than we can.

@9WGLM5NLiberalfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

Yes, with monitoring and background check but not to the point of hindering and prolonging the time it takes to come in to Canada

@9WFYT88Conservativefrom New Brunswick  answered…5mos

Yes, provided we can verify the conditions they seek refuge from.

@9WFF76MRhinocerosfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

Yes but if they say on aide social more then 2 years kick the out

@9WDSC9QRhinocerosfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

In my opinion we need to take care of our own first, dealing with homelessness and provisions for our most vulnerable

@9WCCBLGGreenfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

@9WBCK3GPeople’s Partyfrom Manitoba  answered…5mos

Yes if they have skills that can help the economy and will contribute to society.

@9W596X4Conservativefrom Ontario  answered…5mos

Deal with the refugees here already then bring more to smaller communities with background checks to build up snall towns and creat bigger cities in low population areas on canada

@maddypaigemRhinocerosfrom British Columbia  answered…5mos

Yes, but after prioritizing the needs of Canadian citizens.

@9W2DLQ6New Democraticfrom New Brunswick  answered…5mos

Yes but limit the amount of refugees we are helping and make it more of a priority to help Canadians and war veterans first.

@9W293XJConservativefrom Ontario  answered…5mos

@9VZT9X3Conservativefrom Quebec  answered…5mos

No, we should eliminate any opportunity for terrorists to enter the country AND No, there are too many immigrants

@9VYS4KHConservativefrom Alberta  answered…5mos

No more. Canada has already accepted 25,000 Syrian refugees. It is better to support peace in Syria so that Syrians can live in their own country.

@9VY2M3LGreenfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

Yes, provided they meet all requirements applied to every other individual seeking to emigrate to Canada

@9VXCGWSGreenfrom Alberta  answered…5mos

Very situational - based on how our economy is set up to receive them

@9VX4YW9Conservativefrom Alberta  answered…5mos

Yes, to a relevant adjusting number that reflects the current economy.

@9VWX7B2Conservativefrom Manitoba  answered…5mos

Yes, but this question shouldnt be limited to solely Syrian refugees

@9VVXY95Greenfrom Nova Scotia  answered…5mos

@9VH5NPYLiberalfrom Ontario  answered…7mos

Yes, but in general no matter where you come from, if your an immigrant you should be monitored and have a background check.


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