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Regardless, people should have the option between choosing public and private healthcare

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@95H8SM5from Ontario  answered…3mos

privatized. people act like our healthcare is free but our taxes are nearly the highest in the world

@956ZQSVConservativefrom Alberta  answered…3mos

a responsibility of both the federal and provincial governments to manage funding and other decisions

@9464L2Wfrom New Brunswick  answered…4mos

Both of them, regardless of which one does more, it should be a big priority

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Doesn’t matter provincial or federal, it needs to be better. Less of a budget care type and more of a total care it saves time and money for both parties during the treatment. And people in ER for sore throat etc ( little non urgent things) should be turned away by tri-age and be sent to go into a walk-in even if it’s provided in a different wing of the hospital.

@933LMPXfrom Alberta  answered…7mos

Both, federal and provincial standards (high) and equality of care financially, fairly, humanely, ethically, healthily, and morally, need to be met.

@932LD87Greenfrom Ontario  answered…7mos

healthcare should be given to everyone and taken care of by the government

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Both the federal and provincial governments should share certain responsibilities.

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@8VVFFDSfrom Alberta  answered…1yr

Both. Country-wide funding from the federal government while the provincial government funnels the funding to the health departments where it's needed.

@8VTF7Z3from Ontario  answered…1yr

Allow people that want to pay for better and faster health care have the option to.

@8VT6R7Qfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Federal to create a standard but allow provinces to increase the funding with provincial funds.

@8VNWQ26from British Columbia  answered…1yr

Provincial except for things that affect the whole nation like the pandemic where you need consistent approaches

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@8VJQP9Yfrom Alberta  answered…1yr

Both, and regulated federally, so standards and laws are same across Canada.


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