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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@3RZWZJ8from Ontario  answered…2yrs

@4L9JMLLfrom Ontario  answered…2yrs

Yes, but bar income splitting if both spouses make over $75k annually

@97TX4J6Communistfrom Alberta  answered…2wks

why would i care even? who the hell cares do whatever you want. jeez

@96YCWJCfrom Newfoundland  answered…1mo

@96LZ6W7New Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

Yes, but the higher earning spouse should not go to the other spouse but the child directly.

@93WL6VFfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

@93CSFRDNew Democraticfrom Alberta  answered…6mos

Yes to some extent, it is beneficial in some circumstances, but unfair to those with low income families

@92NSVSPfrom British Columbia  answered…7mos

I can see why it's done, as the government isn't made of money, but I could see this being detrimental to women trying to leave abusive situations.

@8VCNQDWfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

 @buday4vancouverLibertarian from Washington answered…1yr

No, I support a change to the tax system and code which would render individuals and families untaxed. The Corporate Royalty.

@8V8LQD4New Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Yes family income splitting should be allow since the government wants to encourage stay at home parents and not provide universal child care subsidy to everyone not just low income.

@3F557MGfrom British Columbia  answered…2yrs

yes but only if there are children. Otherwise, living costs are actually higher for single people, so we don't need to reduce taxes for childless couples.

@3F8NK5Jfrom Ontario  answered…2yrs

I'm a single parent, one low income in this household. This doesn't not benefit the thousands of people who are in the same situation, we are the one's who could use help.

@3FBQBNDfrom Alberta  answered…2yrs

No. Income splitting is unfair to those who do not have children.

@3F4G8Q9from British Columbia  answered…2yrs

No, even Harper's finance minister disagreed, saying it benefited only a small wealthy minority of families

@3F48NYCConservativefrom Ontario  answered…2yrs

Yes. We are a married couple, 2 kids, single income. It helps. After taxes my husbands income is not that much to survive on.

@3FDL53Gfrom British Columbia  answered…2yrs

No, income splitting does not help families where both spouses make similar wages. It's helps the weathy more

@kuyugomodiLiberalfrom Ontario  answered…2yrs


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