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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

Yes, aboriginals should be further compensated for their hardships and use of resources

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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

No, instead of monetary funds, we should instead offer assistance in the form of education, training, and social programs

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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

No, aboriginals should not receive any more funds until their accounting is reviewed by independent auditors

@46DPLY2from Ontario  answered…2yrs

Get rid of the Indian Act. Everyone born in Canada should be a Canadian Citizen.

@9847BSWfrom Pennsylvania  answered…2 days

We should offer any due reparations and also further promote greater investment in aboriginal communities with incentives

@97Z6SWZfrom Saskatchewan  answered…1wk

No, but their right to self-determination should be supported, including the return of all unceded territory.

@97VCMQ4from Quebec  answered…2wks

@97V8GSDfrom Alberta  answered…2wks

they get a good amount now, keep at the same amount dont increase

@97T4JZCConservativefrom Ontario  answered…2wks

Yes, compensate for hardship if they ask for it, but let them be and live their lives as normal citizens, and to pursue their own destiny

@97SJLR7from Ontario  answered…2wks

@97S5KWLfrom New Brunswick  answered…3wks

@97NRTW8from Ontario  answered…3wks

Receive more funds in the communities that haven't abused them in the past.

@97N7ZRVfrom Ontario  answered…3wks

Aborignal communities should be funded with the express ideal that it is helping their communities prosper and is preparing the youth for a better future and that it is geared towards economical an educational progress this is a key component of what I believe would actually help aboriginals better their communities and prepare them for the future

@97CL3RWfrom Ontario  answered…4wks

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@9768T39from British Columbia  answered…1mo

@973TZLZNew Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

Maybe not more funds but better funds and creating a liveable life for them still with their beliefs. And give them clean running water.

@96QVWKMfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

Yes, but the government also needs to provide Indigenous people with more and better education, food services, social programs, clean water, better houses, and an overall nicer environment

@96QP3KDfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

yes and we should repeal and replace the indian act due to the massive amount of institutional racism and eugenics it indorces

@96QM73Hfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

We need to include Indigenous peoples in every we do. We need to build Canada's future together. Together we are much stronger.

@96NQ9L6from Ontario  answered…1mo

no because of what i seen most don use the funding they do get to help, they use it for alcohol and other stuff, but if they send it properly then yes they should

@96N67MSConservativefrom Ontario  answered…1mo

Yes, and fresh drinking water and more funding. And give their land bank

@96LZ6W7New Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

Yes, and they should recive assistance in the form of education, training, and social programs along with monetary funds and giving them their land back

@96K8CVPfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

@96JWV4Dfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

@96JJRBTfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

@96J7SWVfrom Alberta  answered…2mos

Yes, but make the chief show where the money goes and what it’s used for

@96HNWC8from British Columbia  answered…2mos

We should give their land back instead of compensating for their hardships.

@96GBJGMfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

Yes, but we should also help them create livable circumstance with proper teaching, education and etc.

@96D7SX6from Ontario  answered…2mos

As a way to reconcile the past injustices and the ones that still continue that Aboriginal people in Canada face is by government funding. Many more actions should be in place, however financial support is a way to start. Many reservations do not even have clean water. This is disgraceful and sad for this country.

@96CDTJYfrom Ontario  answered…2mos


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