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@9W87HPFNew Democraticfrom Alberta  answered…5mos

If we focus on cleaning up our own back yard we will be a better example. We should use influence to support global human rights, environmental stewardship, and collaborative economic sustainability.

@JatzuyuWomen’s Equalityfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

No, your country your own influence. Influencing foreign elections may lead to arising complications between the relationship of countries.

@9Z5ZFKVCommunistfrom Quebec  answered…4wks

@9Z2NFHZLiberalfrom Alberta  answered…1mo

Yes, but only in countries which agree to participate in and display a great likelihood of succeeding in an electoral system.

@9XGSHCJRhinocerosfrom Quebec  answered…4mos

No but make sure government had it’s own and firm stand on corrupt.. despotic leaders

@Canadian1Rhinocerosfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

@9VZ3G7JLiberalfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

United Nations should collectively agree and do so. This way no one country is singled out as being intrusive.

@shaelynjCommunistfrom British Columbia  answered…11mos

yes because what effects them could effect us, i don’t think we should get physically involved but should help in protecting the people

@firozsasiRhinocerosfrom Ontario  answered…11mos

@9SBPSZFPeople’s Partyfrom Manitoba  answered…11mos

@9RV7RH6Christian Heritagefrom Ontario  answered…12mos

@9RNZZLTRhinocerosfrom Alberta  answered…12mos

Only in Communist countries, oh wait they dont have elections, then no

@9RNPPYKCommunistfrom Ontario  answered…12mos

@9VYDDBZNew Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

Yes, if the elected party would be a serious threat and hazard to the most unprotected of the population or is hostile and violent to canada and what it stands for

@9VP5HMXConservativefrom Quebec  answered…6mos

Yes, if any candidates who have a high chance of winning these elections pose a threat to Canada or its allies.

@9VH7PXXLiberalfrom Ontario  answered…7mos

@9QLCMZWCommunistfrom Nova Scotia  answered…1yr

No, but outreach to foreign areas regarding their political rights and how and where to go for their voices to be heard would be nice.

@9MWJC3LCommunistfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Yes, but only to protect the country from human rights violations by a tyrannical ruler, by influencing public opinion.

@9DY7ZSQPeople’s Partyfrom Alberta  answered…1yr


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