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@97Z6ZZ9Liberalfrom British Columbia  answered…1wk

Ban political advertising to accounts that belong to 17 years old and below, regulate propaganda ads during election season

@97J7TPYfrom Manitoba  answered…3wks

it should be lessened or give people the option of turning off that kind of advertisg

@97BRZXPfrom Ontario  answered…4wks

yes these companies have shown little care for social responsibility caring only for engagement and profit, if spreading falsehoods and misinformation serves their profits they will do it

@97BGYSYfrom Alberta  answered…4wks

Yes, and ban all politicians from using social media to promote themselves.

@977QPNPfrom Ontario  answered…4wks

@96Z3FQKfrom Arizona  answered…1mo

@7PTCG38 from Wisconsin answered…2mos

No, but only allow political ads that are solely used for assistance in grassroots fundraising and organizing, not ads that challenge an opposing candidate's positions on issues

@967SY7Dfrom British Columbia  answered…2mos

@964L9G9from Nova Scotia  answered…2mos

@7PTCG38 from Wisconsin answered…2mos

No, but only allow political ads that are used for assistance in grassroots fundraising and organizing

@95QZWP7from Alberta  answered…2mos

@955C627from Ontario  answered…3mos

@7PTCG38 from Wisconsin answered…3mos

No, but only allow political ads that are used for assistance in grassroots fundraising and organizing, and do not vilify an opposing political party or candidate by stating unverified or misleading information

@94VP9NSfrom British Columbia  answered…3mos

@4MYTQMW answered…4mos

@93ZTK4Dfrom Alberta  answered…4mos

No, because, some people running for any public office doesn't have that much money for advertising, and also, as long as its not hate speech.

@93WXGY3from Alberta  answered…5mos

@93W95PFfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

Social media firms should ban political advertising because the fancy ones broadcast through social media generally have a toxic, selfish effect.

@93MSBYT from Florida answered…5mos

@93F4Y24 from Ohio answered…6mos

No, Social Media companies should be free to choose what they allow on their sites.

@93DHP4B from Kansas answered…6mos

No, and they should no determine the truth value of the advertisment and must accept all political ads.

@93CS3TH from Texas answered…6mos

Yes, they should, but there shouldn't be legal pressure to do so.

@93BR42HPeople’s Partyfrom British Columbia  answered…6mos

@Pastybums from Arizona answered…6mos

@92YHQCV from California answered…6mos

No, but they should be given the option to remove the ad if the information in it is all false [and/or] misleading

@8ZSR5NL from GU answered…6mos

No, but there should be regulations and a ban on accounts/posts that promote false claims. It should be clear to every user that it is an opinion/advertisement.

 Deleted answered…6mos

@93673YZ from California answered…6mos

Yes, but only when political messaging is used to spread or promote hate against vulnerable groups

@935D6X5from Ontario  answered…6mos

@932V85R from Nevada answered…7mos

@92ZPWBBfrom Ontario  answered…7mos

No, but they should put a limit on how much advertising they can do in a predetermined amount of time.

@92XJ8SQ from New York answered…7mos

@92X5HLD from California answered…7mos

@92VJXN3from Quebec  answered…7mos

Political advertising is fine, but any targeted advertising (political or non-political) based on collected data about users threatens privacy and should be banned.

@34477B5 answered…7mos

No, but all paid advertisements should be fact checked before being allowed.

@92MKPWZ from California answered…7mos

As long is not overly exessive that it disrupt the peoples viewing expericases and people can look at it or ignor it.

@92NSVSPfrom British Columbia  answered…7mos

No, this is just a really, really bad idea. Campaigns rely on social media to get their message out to the public, and if advertising is bad, this just makes it harder for campaigns to get their message out about different priorities that they have.


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