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Only to corporations and businesses as well as not being able to own several

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@96QS893from Manitoba  answered…1mo

Yes, but only if they have no plan to live in the building they’re buying

@96HDNH9from Ontario  answered…2mos

Yes, But only if they don't live here for the majority of the time.

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Yes, but only if it's for business purposes (ex. Businesses that buy property to rent to employees or an individual purchasing properties to rent remotely)

@95SX3P2from British Columbia  answered…2mos

No, but if the buyer is not going to live in or rent the house, then some limits need to be in place.

@95SHK28Conservativefrom Saskatchewan  answered…2mos

I think foreigners should only be able to buy a house if they are actually gonna live in Canada

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They should be able to come if they can financially support themselves

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For a certain period, they should not be allowed to buy houses, perhaps it could be an investment for them but for many others, it's a life goal. This could help in controlling the prices of houses

@95LYHDXfrom Alberta  answered…2mos

no and yes. They are allowed to buy one then wait 2 years before buying a new one

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No, this is not well-thought out, and could only increase the rising cost of affordability for housing in Canada. Many immigrants/foreigners (non-permanent residents, diplomats, students, etc.) are all important to help fill labour shortages in areas that we need them most, but also can help be trained in schooling/volunteer through international humanitarian work, if we ban foreigners from buying homes, we are actively preventing our economy from getting access to potential residents and people who want to immigrate here.

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thats a tough one...not normal people but foreign speculators who destroy our real estate prices need to be dealt with

@95H29VPfrom New Brunswick  answered…3mos

not entirely but instead of giving Immigrants housing as soon as they arrive with no waiting list or full time job and leaving born and raised canadians homeless due to lack of housing they should be treated like everyone else by being out on a waiting list or assisted income.

@95GVW92Bloc Québécoisfrom Ontario  answered…3mos

Yes, foreigners should be banned from owning Canadian housing permanently

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@95DHQWGfrom Ontario  answered…3mos

No, they should not be banned, but they also shouldn't get privileges doing so.

@95D8QLTNew Democraticfrom Alberta  answered…3mos

If it's to rent out, no. But if it's because they need a place to stay, of course


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