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No, provide more incentives for alternative energy production instead

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@4N5G6MJfrom Ontario  answered…2yrs

I don't believe in global warming... Climate change is a natural occurrence. The whole fear mongering about the climate is part of a global agenda to tax the citizen's,

@4FQH9K8from Newfoundland  answered…2yrs

Yes, and the government must increase pressure on other nations to do the same which will make it easier for our companies to compete with those in other countries.

@4WJBJPKfrom Ontario  answered…2yrs

I think this question is a little miss leading. I think a clear distinction between global warming and climate change should be made.

@4HXXRLPfrom British Columbia  answered…2yrs

It is natural minutely caused by humans but the air quality water needs protection. Get stronger on fast foods etc. showing no respect to plastics paper that hoes in land fills. Natural garden sustainability emphasized. YES.

@4GYKCFBfrom Ontario  answered…2yrs

If carbon emissions are the result of the economy than the economy must pay the cost of those emissions. There needs to be a cost associated with carbon emissions that can be passed directly to the end consumer. This is a situation that is hampered by the common access to the environment, negating political borders. Therefore it makes a case for a worldwide governing body to implement the charge of such costs. Incentives alone will not discourage the negative results of carbon emissions until alternatives are made less costly than the ones that produce carbon emissions, worldwide. Anything else will only export carbon emissions to third world countries as is the case.

@4YRWW62from Ontario  answered…2yrs

No businesses are already over regulated and as a result relocating to other countries. Most of these other countries have zero environmental regs but are performing work once located in NA. and defiantly announced the increase of pollutants in order to manufacture the increased business. Try encouraging companies to return or invest by giving incentives, reasonable regulations and at the same time discourage other countries from investing in those locations. New industry in NA will bring Jobs, power usages, business taxes, support associated supplier business, etc. Then before those jobs

@97XZ6Y9from Ontario  answered…2wks

No climate change is a natural occurrence that is being sped up by greenhouse gasses

@97VGPMRfrom British Columbia  answered…2wks

we should keep in mind of the businesses and the people/the planet so we should try and find alternate answers to this problem.

@97NRTW8from Ontario  answered…3wks

Have proper oversight. But not be over regulated as it currently is.

@97N57G3Conservativefrom Ontario  answered…3wks

I’m all for funding climate change but most governments use the phrase “climate change” to push their political agenda. If there is action being taken with the money then I support it. Otherwise cut all climate change taxes

@97MS9PBfrom Connecticut  answered…3wks

@96Z72XKfrom British Columbia  answered…1mo

Over regulation and too much red tape is preventing a meaningful transition to cleaner energy.

@96JJRBTfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

We should nationalize the industry, and start using clean products.

@96GCKP9from Alberta  answered…2mos

yes and no try to get carbon catchers but doing that can harm the companies

@96CYT57from Ontario  answered…2mos

No, because it would not reduce the economic hardships of such onerous emission reduction requirements.

@968X32Gfrom Alberta  answered…2mos

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@967V2B4from Alberta  answered…2mos

@963LPZ8from British Columbia  answered…2mos

Only to large corporations and industrial manufacturers that are responsible for large amounts if polluting not small businesses

@95TDPWTfrom British Columbia  answered…2mos

Yes, and not just somehing like a "carbon tax" or carbon offsetting. Push businesses to invest in products, materials, research, techniques, etc. that will actually reduce emissions from their manufacturing processes and products.

@95M7TJDfrom Alberta  answered…2mos

by now, we cant come back from global warming, but we can try to slow it down with more fuel efficeint vehicles and such things

@95K5YQGfrom British Columbia  answered…3mos

Depends on the regulation. We should be open to doing the right thing through regulations, even if it costs businesses more to comply, and this includes regulations around the protection of water, air and food, and other things humanity and wildlife needs to survive. But we should also be open to incentivizing markets to do the right thing, and it being mutually beneficial for both government and business, through market-based solutions like a carbon tax, or cap and trade. This worked well with the Acid Rain Treaty, so it could work well with carbon taxes if we have the right measures in place.

@95J3LGLfrom British Columbia  answered…3mos

@95GVTWVfrom Ontario  answered…3mos

Should increase regulations placed on fortune 500 companies and large corporations and the fossil fuel industry but not small business owners.

@95DNCJQConservativefrom British Columbia  answered…3mos

Yes, but the Government must also do their own part but setting actual binding emission targets instead of wasting time at Green summits which achieve nothing while spouting they are doing something.

@95DH7PGfrom British Columbia  answered…3mos

In the middle. Regulations can sometimes have negative effects that are against what we want to solve, such as the problem of climate change. But we can make it so that there are things such as market-based solutions like cap and trade, or a carbon tax which help reduce emissions and keep unnecessary red tape out of the way for businesses who want to start up and find solutions.

@959ZCFTfrom Ontario  answered…3mos

they should focus on corporations and businesses that hold large monopolies over Canadian markets, very little on local or lower level businesses

@956XVNYGreenfrom British Columbia  answered…3mos

Yes, and businesses who fail to reduce emissions should have to pay higher amounts of carbon taxes.

@956KHVNLibertarianfrom Alberta  answered…3mos

Governments should limit carbon emissions not as greatly as they are but should be encouraging land reclamation so we can sequester more helping us reach net zero quicker.

@9536WQM answered…3mos

The government should change building codes to include a mandatory renewable energy source for any new construction at all sectors. Offer resources to companies for R&D on how to be more environmentally friendly funded by the carbon tax.

@94VP9NSfrom British Columbia  answered…3mos

@94JV6RQConservativefrom Nova Scotia  answered…3mos

Yes, and those unemployed, as result of the change, should have the opportunity to find new employment.


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