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“I know that all politicians line their own pocket first and we the people who pay this get the bottom of the barrel for consideration of any issue. I am tired of regulations on alternative medicine and our right to choose vaccination. I think our schools are turning into the war zone and regulation on home school rediculous because parents wish to preserve health safety and innocence of their children. These 2 entities are which we all need yet you are allowing an erosion of them. I want to see honesty caring for the people of Canada, those that immigrate have money already, or they would not be coming here. the best man for the job should get it not put legislation in to allow more foreign workers than Canadians. the 72.000$ it cost to move the military head 4 blocks could have paid quite a few families without a dad or injured vets and government should take it upon themselves to pay for their moves , travel and refurbishings as we the people do because isn't that why the salary is larger than ours. We have to pick our list in order of importance so should you! as for taking the money out of our pension fund not once but twice I believe if we are working at jobs that make us physically impaired by the age of 67 and we have to save to retire if it happens earlier than I believe you as chauffeur driven government and ones who pay none remind to attending to your jobs should be regulated to sick days, holidays, behaviour we are subjected to on the news and most of all 45 years serving in government and minimum age limit of 75 for pension.”

From a Liberal in Leduc
In reponse to: Which party do you plan on voting for?

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