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“No, and it also needs to be recognised that the "gender" of many Canadians is a very private thing to some people, and some people choose to not identify with a gender at all (and only want to indentify as their biological sex) while keeping their inner feelings on the matter private. In our desperate attempt to be PC, we have gone so far as to make another group uncomfortable. So we need to be given a choice on every form to first state whether we choose to identify by our sex, or by our gender, and then be asked what that is afterward. For some people the answer will stay the same, and for some people it will not. But, this way, the people who find they do not fit into either a male or female gendered box (because they either feel they have both or neither) will have the choice to keep things simple and identify as their biological sex (while leaving the confusing gender matter out of it, and private). Gender is no more the governments business than sex is. Gender is actually far more personal than biological sex.”

From a Liberal in Toronto
In reponse to: Should the government reinstate the long form mandatory census?

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