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Yes, but with less focus on military training and more focus on education and skill development

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Yes, but only for those who do not pursue further education or employment

@4XM9NCCfrom Saskatchewan  answered…2yrs

First send all politicians who want to vote on this topic to minimum one year of military service that only includes active duty beyond our borders. Once a full 338 mps have done that and are currently elected than they could decide what's best on this issue.

@5836HWRfrom Ontario  answered…2yrs

Every citizen should be required to live and work in a third-world country for at least one year

@46CVYNSfrom Alberta  answered…2yrs

Three years service to give the Molly coddled youth of today some back bone, discipline, patriotism, moral compass and respect. One year is not enough for today's generation.

@5BZ7RJDfrom Alberta  answered…2yrs

time to make men 0ut of our privileged, entitled youth. maybe, just maybe, they would think twice of doing crime. If this were an alternative instead of jail, maybe they could grow to be productive citizens in society. please consider productive discipline for those who are lost in society. jail is an invitation to free housing, meals, health care, education and God knows what other privileges. our veterans get what? shameful how the treatment of those who protect our country are forgotten. got this in reverse folks. shouldn't have to have this pointed out if you're doing your job right.

@4QXVML3from Ontario  answered…2yrs

@5244PLPfrom British Columbia  answered…2yrs

You want to collect welfare?, then mandatory 1 year in military service, earn your paycheck, or you get nothing

@53TXKJYfrom Alberta  answered…2yrs

Yes, for dropouts and those not pursuing higher education or trade training.

@588HCB5from Alberta  answered…2yrs

Immigrants should be serving time up to 3 years in the military to obtain citizenship. Other wise further education and or skilled trade would also be a benefit

@4KS9GNLfrom British Columbia  answered…2yrs

I think 18-year-olds should contribute one year of service to their country, but not just through a military service. There should be options such as internships in international and inter-provincial gov't service, building houses for orgs such as Habitat for Humanity, or in the peace corps building wells and solar energy hubs, anything that contributes to the well-being of our society.

@58VSHKDfrom Ontario  answered…2yrs

@98Z9PLXfrom Nova Scotia  answered…2 days

Yes, but it should be one year of military service, volunteer work or service to the government for the benefit of the people

@98X6QZYfrom British Columbia  answered…6 days

No, but every 18 year old should be obliged to provide one year of public service which may include the military

@98FPFSYLiberalfrom British Columbia  answered…2mos

It varies depending on where you are/given time context. It's maybe not a priority for Canadians now, because we aren't really in a conflict with other nations. But in South Korea, Ukraine, Israel as well as Finland? They need it to survive as a nation as they have aggressive neighbours around them that threaten their existence.

@98DVC2Kfrom Alberta  answered…2mos

@98699X9from British Columbia  answered…2mos

Yes and no military support jobs should be required along with greater first hand eduction of what our military does for us

@9829VV5Conservativefrom Alberta  answered…2mos

Potentially, but not necessarily just the military, consider first responders such as paramedics, police and fire services

@97WPXL8from Ontario  answered…3mos

Military Service should be semi mandatory. If by the age of 27 you are not earning above 50K, i believe you should at-least try military, if not you should handle your life.

@97NTN5Vfrom Manitoba  answered…3mos

@96ND3FMfrom Saskatchewan  answered…4mos

Yes. But not military only. 1 year of serving the country in othercways. Like helping communities programs

@96G3ZZLfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

@9654JMDfrom Alberta  answered…4mos

@95RQL6Nfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

Yes I think that it should be a requirement for all Canadian's at the age of 18

@95JH4FZfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

Yes, with an option to serve in a non-military civil service role.

@95DH7PGfrom British Columbia  answered…5mos

Service should be a choice instead of an obligation. Though I realize that this is not always possible depending on where you live in the world (South Korea, Finland, etc.)

@94C42JLfrom British Columbia  answered…6mos

No, service should be a choice instead of an obligation. But, I realize that I am in a privileged position to be able to say that. It's not uncommon for many young men in regions of the world such as Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Finland) the Middle East (Israel) and Southeast Asia (South Korea) to have mandatory military service as part of being a citizen, but I hope it never comes to the point where Canada-US relations become that strained and adversarial.

@93ZTK4Dfrom Alberta  answered…6mos

@spaceUnicorn018 from VI answered…7mos

Yes, but only because the country is currently in a complicated geopolitical situation

@93T2Z95 answered…7mos

Yes, they should be required to provide at least 2 years, but only in the reserves, which includes mandatory boot camp and training.

@93HXJZ9 from Ohio answered…8mos

Yes, but also include First Responder as an alternative to military service

@93HJWN4Conservativefrom British Columbia  answered…8mos

No, but all mentally and physically fit and capable should be required to join.

@93FG53Gfrom British Columbia  answered…8mos

Service should be a choice instead of an obligation, and I'm lucky to say this as I know that in countries like Finland and South Korea, it's mandatory for everyone to serve in the military.

@93BW4X4 from California answered…8mos

Citizens should be required to provide service in some form, but not required military service.

@9373WNHfrom Ontario  answered…9mos

@92ZYZRW from Missouri answered…9mos

There should be two years of mandatory service or 4 years and immunity to the draft or further conscription.

@9334YP3 answered…9mos

@92NSVSPfrom British Columbia  answered…9mos

No, not every civilian should have to serve in the military. I realize that I am privileged saying this, as many countries such as Finland and South Korea require it, to defend against Russia and North Korea. But in an ideal world, service should be a choice instead of an obligation.

 Deleted answered…9mos

No, Milton Friedman argues that conscription is unfair in a capitalist country..

 Deleted answered…10mos

No, Milton Friedman argued that conscription was unfair in capitalist countries.

 Deleted answered…10mos

No, Milton Friedman argues that conscription is unfair in capitalist countries.


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