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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

No, first offence should result in a mandatory rehabilitation program, further offences result in jailtime

@5FHRBBSfrom British Columbia  answered…2yrs

"Yes, they should be removed from society" By this I mean that drug addicts should be allowed to OD and die, and drug dealers should be shot if found guilty. Drugs are bad, kids.

@97V847Tfrom Alberta  answered…2wks

@9368W6Dfrom British Columbia  answered…6mos

Yes, and they should be given mandatory treatment in a secure facility if not guilty of any other offence

@92JWQKKfrom Ontario  answered…7mos

@8WC5MFZPeople’s Partyfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

No, decriminalize drugs, and rehabilitation is a far better option than jail for drug offenders, then fines, then jail if they trafficked the drugs. Let them go.

@8VV2P57from Ontario  answered…1yr

No, they should be given mandatory 90 meetings in 90 days inpatient rehab sentences

@8VTGXS3from Alberta  answered…1yr

It’s situational and depends on what and how much they’re selling

@8VT68RLfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Anything to do with marijuana no. Any other drug yes like hard drugs yes

@8KRDCF3 answered…2yrs

No, decriminalize most drugs and provide rehabilitation centres for people suffering addiction.

@8KJ7SWVLiberalfrom Ontario  answered…2yrs

I don’t think they need to be removed from society bu they do need a for of punishment.

@8KG75SDfrom Ontario  answered…2yrs

Move towards an institutional model which provides both counseling and training.

@8G4QRC3Liberalfrom Ontario  answered…2yrs

@8DVQ8PNfrom Alberta  answered…2yrs

@8CRV6LZfrom Ontario  answered…2yrs

Decriminalize all drugs and treat it as a health issue redistribute costs of jailing and policing these people towards programs that work can be religious or non but the choices should be there.


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