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No, the truth they base their world off of has been in many times disproven, as well as shown to be not as old as they thought. Where all these bible stories are not written at the same time and just folk tales gathered together.


The Catholic Church has a complicated role in politics, especially when it comes to marriage and education regulations. Religious influence, the separation of church and state, religious freedom, moral advice, and ethical contribution are all involved. In order to serve the needs of a varied population, contemporary administration must strike a balance between individual rights and religious convictions.

 @9HDT3P7from Ontario answered…6mos6MO

No, a religion should not have a higher authority than the government, all laws should be controlled by the government, not religious believes.

 @9HMYH63from Newfoundland answered…5mos5MO

 @9HLH4KWNew Democraticfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

No, absolutely not. there should be no religious influence on political matters. every single persons and every single religion has different morals and ethics. what is allowed and okay for one person or group of people is not okay for another. i think that people have used religion to cause massive problems in the world and human race today.

 @9HR54C8from British Columbia answered…5mos5MO

No. All religions are a form of cult, regardless of how many people follow them. Political matters must be discussed under no religious influence, especially in a country with many religious views and cultural backgrounds.

 @9HPX5S9from Ontario answered…5mos5MO

 @9HCVPS2Liberalfrom Ontario answered…6mos6MO

I think that the Catholic Church should have a say in political matters, as long as they are only preaching to their believers. I see no issue with the Catholic Church preaching about their views on topics to the believers of Catholisism, and others who are interested, but I do see an issues on the Catholic Church preaching to those who have no desire to hear about what they have to say. We live in a very diverse society, where people are free to believe in whatever they please. With that come understanding that one religion cannot have more power other the masses than others. It simply would not be fair.

 @9HDT45Dfrom British Columbia answered…6mos6MO

Yes they should have the right to freedom of speech to talk about their religion and point of views.

 @9HL5PRM from Ontario answered…5mos5MO

no because our world is very diverse and it is unfair for one religion to have a higher say

 @9HH3BRQfrom British Columbia answered…6mos6MO

I feel we should let people Marry who they want to marry but we should be educated with catholic backgrounds because it teaches discipline and religion is a wonderful thing to learn

 @9HF3C66from Quebec answered…6mos6MO

Religion should never be mixed with politics or the well being of the people

 @9HFV856from Manitoba answered…6mos6MO

Absolutely not. Everyone has the right to religion therfor no one religion should be used to make laws and have a say in political matters.

 @9HDV9WYfrom Alberta answered…6mos6MO

yes, i believe that everyone shall have an opinion and be able to spread what they believe in

 @9HFGYQGfrom Newfoundland answered…6mos6MO

 @9HSG25Qfrom British Columbia answered…5mos5MO

People can believe in whatever they want and they have the right to say whatever they would like as long as it's in a respectful tone. So yes, just be respectful.

 @9HDYNFKfrom Ontario answered…6mos6MO

 @9HD9MZVfrom Ontario answered…6mos6MO

No. I believe that the Church and politics should be separate entities. We live in a vary multicultural country and choosing to involve one religious sect over another in political matters is dangerous and non inclusive.

 @9HDSKP6from Ontario answered…6mos6MO

Considering the Church is not the powerhouse it once was, I do not think so.

 @9HD4NRNfrom Ontario answered…6mos6MO

 @9HD3PKSfrom Ontario answered…6mos6MO

Yes and No, they can have their views as long as they keep that to the people who have asked for their opinions. As long as they don't push it on to people who don't want to hear it.

 @9JVLKZ7from Alberta answered…3mos3MO

Well if they are going to try and change views of people i dont think they should

 @9JVM95FConservativefrom Ontario commented…3mos3MO

Well, now one gives a solitary f in the world you are probably in the closest.

 @9JVLGJHfrom Alberta answered…3mos3MO

i feel that they can have there own oppinions but cant force it upot others

 @9JVM95FConservativefrom Ontario commented…3mos3MO

Learn to spell u potato. You are clearly stupid and do not deserve to have a computer. I am so disappointed in the human race for letting you type this ridiculous response. Grow up and learn to spell.

 @9JS2P7Lfrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

no considering some religions have rules that go against basic human rights.

 @9JT7Y2Lfrom Ontario agreed…3mos3MO

I agreed because there are things like same sex couples that a lot of religions are against and think that shouldn't exist, and then there are other things like sex that in some religions should only happen when married but a lot of people still do it for their own pleasure without being married.

 @9JT3LM7from Alberta agreed…3mos3MO

Religious identities, and beliefs counts as a valuable opinion in political matter, that includes laws about marriages and education.

 @9JXPD9Ffrom British Columbia answered…3mos3MO

traditionally yes, but the church is irrelevant to many now.

 @9K3PMGRfrom Ontario disagreed…3mos3MO

Laws is a thing that apllies to everyone and shouldn't be able to be altered in anyway with out the governments thoughts.

 @9JXSZDSfrom Alberta disagreed…3mos3MO

There are many more religions nationally so it is not right to only let the Catholic Church have a say

 @9HKWP7Lfrom British Columbia answered…5mos5MO

 @9HJ9GD4New Democraticfrom Manitoba answered…6mos6MO

No I don’t think so because not everyone believes in that stuff so it should not have such a big impact on their lives.

 @9HHHDMDfrom Ontario answered…6mos6MO

I don't believe that religion belongs in politics at all. Countries especially Canada are not based on religion we are very multi cultural. Using religion to forn laws will only cause problems

 @9HP9J48 from Ontario answered…5mos5MO

No, I believe that you can have religious schools and beliefs, but church's should not be allowed to prevent or make others feel uncomfortable for who they are as people.

 @9HN5ZG3New Democraticfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

I think no religion should have any solid say in laws but rather have an opinion as it affects those in and out of the religion/faith group.

 @9HHJ2CHfrom British Columbia answered…6mos6MO

No. Why should one groups beliefs govern everyone’s? That’s not freedom.

 @9HLZ4PMConservativefrom Saskatchewan answered…5mos5MO

I think every one should have a say no matter who you are or what religion you are.

 @9HH9CJQfrom Nova Scotia answered…6mos6MO

 @9HG8FTLfrom Ontario answered…6mos6MO

I don't think religion should have a role in politics. Even though I'm catholic, I think it's unfair for everybody else.

 @9HDTKRMfrom British Columbia answered…6mos6MO

i think that if you are getting married and you choose to have a legal marriage as well as a marriage that is recognized by the church. however, the catholic church should not have full say in political acts.

 @9HPQH3Gfrom British Columbia answered…5mos5MO

No. Religion should NEVER have a say in political matters unless something threatens the religion as a whole. Religion should never have a say in making laws that takes away rights and freedoms from people's free, personal, and private choices.

 @9HPLKNGfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

I believe if you invite one faith to the table to participate in political matters, then you need to include all other faiths celebrated in Canada. We're not a majority-religious country so I think the Catholic Church should step back from impact on laws and policy.

 @9HFNQBLfrom Nova Scotia answered…6mos6MO

It is a personal choice whether or not the Catholic Church should get involved in politics. Some emphasize a secular approach to lawmaking in their defense of the separation of church and state. Some people think that religious organizations can offer insightful viewpoints. Navigating such talks requires striking a balance that respects individual rights and differing viewpoints.

 @9JX83WCfrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

No, unfortunately, religion is so weaponized today that it;s become rlly negative.

 @9K3MXNXfrom Ontario disagreed…3mos3MO

The catholic schooling is the only religious school that receives mass amounts of money from the gov. Unlike many other religious schools.

 @9HDSZK7from British Columbia answered…6mos6MO

I think that they should not have any say in these types of laws as they did in the past.

 @9JWMF35from Saskatchewan answered…3mos3MO

Catholic Church should have a say in political matters, like laws about marriage and education as long as the Catholic Church can be trusted and that the Catholic Church says it will do and act on it, and not have another method about going around the truth

 @9JX6267from Ontario disagreed…3mos3MO

It is a choice to be in a certain religion you shouldn’t have to make other people follow your rules they should be by choice not by force

 @9JVM95FConservativefrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

No, the catholic church should not have a say in the catholic church as when in history has this been a good idea. The church should remain a private entity.


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