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 @9LM9QV9from Ontario answered…1mo1MO

Think the system we currently have isnt working. I think there should be more average people governing us as opposed to career politicians who haven't worked a normal job in their life time.

 @9LQ9V9JConservativefrom Alberta disagreed…1mo1MO

The people with the normal jobs dont necessarily know more that the career polititions that have more specialized knowledge on the matter

 @9LMRPJBfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

I don't think citizens should have much of a say on the laws. Us citizens think about what is best for us not necessarily our community but our elected officials think about everyone which overall is better for the well being of our home.

 @9LM79HXfrom British Columbia answered…1mo1MO

People should have some influence. Elected officials do matter and should have influenced themselves though.

 @9LKHLWLfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

A liberal democracy isn't a good idea. This resembles the Marxist way of starting a revolution with the proletariats. Why would we opt for Marxist ideas, if the traditional way of running government had worked for hundreds of years?

 @9LKHKCGfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

It is important to hat citizens and people have a say as they know their environment more than one person, rather they should have more say in it.

 @9LKH2RCfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

I think we should be able to oppose the laws if the laws negatively impact us in a drastic way.

 @9LK2YSNfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

they should have influence over some small laws and bylaws that are not to serious

 @9LJXC9Bfrom Georgia answered…1mo1MO

I believe that citizens should have more control and influence over laws that govern them then government officials have

 @9LJVPFVfrom Nova Scotia answered…1mo1MO

 @9LM4P8Yfrom Nova Scotia answered…1mo1MO

 @9LKHRJCPeople’sfrom British Columbia answered…1mo1MO

 @9LKHV3Tfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

I think the citizens should have more influence over our laws and not the elected officials as they sometimes do stupid things

 @9LLV2S6from Ontario answered…1mo1MO

The citizens should definitely have more of an influence over laws that govern them compared to elected officials because as it is shown for the government to make stupid decisions constantly.

 @9LLTPMJfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

i belive laws should be decided by vote, unless in a crisis situation where imidiate change is neccisary for the citizens

 @9LLL9TMfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

I don't think we should have much impact. Due to the wide range of beliefs and cultures, if you open that can of worms it will be definitely a hard one to mend back together.


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