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 @9HXBM3Qfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

Normally with the new form of social activism it's a let down. It's social. Not productive.

 @9J2WP25from Ontario agreed…5mos5MO

Yes, if it's a good cause and it's a protest for humanity then, I would feel inspired and even go help protest myself. If a protest is for a country like isr#al, then no I wouldn't support it because of what they did in Palestine.

 @9HXQ8NWfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

depending on what they are protesting I do feel inspired and show appreciation for the act.

 @9HVQ5LWfrom British Columbia answered…5mos5MO

Yes I do get inspired. I think it’s important to have our voices heard on important issues.

 @9HTJXP3from Nova Scotia answered…5mos5MO

I dont think me personally being out their so i can get gassed over straight activism is such a good idea

 @9HYPGQGfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

Yes I do, because when I hear about all these issues around the world - I feel like I want to help them and raise my voice for them.

 @9HYT4GWfrom British Columbia answered…5mos5MO

No. The news is not unbiased and they generate more revenue perpetuating negative material. If a cause is worth protesting, i’ll protest. We have bigger issues at home we are ignoring.

 @9J8L9H4from Ontario answered…4mos4MO

When I see social activism on Canadian streets it brings tears of relief and joy to my eyes as it reminds me that democracy is not dead as long as the people have the courage to stand up and MAKE their voices heard!

 @9J9CCKNfrom British Columbia disagreed…4mos4MO

It depends on the protest & the message, I guess. Some protests are embarrassing. Some protests are inspiring. I don't respond to all protest the same way.

 @9KBQC3Xfrom Alberta answered…3mos3MO

I think people should have the right to protest and if it is for a cause I agree with I may choose to as well.

 @9J32JDZfrom Alberta answered…5mos5MO

 @9LMRRGMLiberalfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

I think if someone is really hurt for them to protest I think they should make a change to make their people happier.

 @9LLV2S6from Ontario answered…1mo1MO

In my opinion, when I hear about protests on the news, I feel inspired to try and help out the protests that actually involve me and to help support it

 @9LLTPMJfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

my reaction would likley depend on the topic of protest, and the actions of the protesting group, if i agree with their point and they arent ruining cities, or causing risk and destruction, then ill be fine wth it

 @9JCS9GBConservativefrom Ontario answered…4mos4MO

No. Lately protest has gone from the valuable tool it used to be to a form of whining. It is pathetic

 @9JB5TJBfrom Alberta answered…4mos4MO

Yes especially against things like the Covid-19 protest that was across Canada I was more then willing to support it because things like that is what causes the government to crash and then we realize that Covid was just a way for the government to lower the population.

 @9JB49DDfrom Nova Scotia answered…4mos4MO

For example the whole Palestine war. I see protesters in Halifax all the time. I feel sorry for them. Their homes and country is being blown up and there is not much they can do about it. It makes me want to do something about it and want to put an end to it all. I couldn't imagine being in their position, Forced to leave the country if they value their life and of their family, And that happening to Canada. I would feel torn, And i'm sure all those people do too.

 @9J9SKD7from British Columbia answered…4mos4MO

It depends on the protest. If it is in favour of the Canadian people, I feel so terribly enflamed to support it.

 @9J8R9BDfrom Ontario answered…4mos4MO

I do not always feel inclined to act do to the reason often these protests do not result in peace, they often result in violence and destruction of public property, furthermore often times not any research is being done prior to the protest, often individuals jump on a "bandwagon" of sorts as human beings often seek enjoyment from being collectively opposed at something even if the cause may be unjust or corrupt.

 @9J3GTJ6from Alaska answered…4mos4MO

only if the activism does not interfere with others rights to carry on their and basic needs

 @9LMVKN4from Ontario answered…1mo1MO

 @9LMRWFFfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

I do not feel inspired, but I respect what they do to have their wanted rights.

 @9LMGBWJfrom British Columbia answered…1mo1MO

 @9LM3CLJNew Democraticfrom British Columbia answered…1mo1MO

I feel inspired to act by protesting or otherwise making my voice heard

 @9LLTX2Xfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

i don't really have political view most of the protest don't inspire me

 @9KB34G7Green from Ontario answered…3mos3MO

Depends on what they’re protesting about half the people that protest are stupid these days. Have the protests that are organized aren’t even really that well organized anymore it’s just a bunch of nonsense most of them not all of them. Some of them are very well stood.

 @9K9QJD8from Alberta answered…3mos3MO

I do feel inspired to act, but being a small town in the middle of no where, you don't there is much you can do.

 @9J43SK9from Ontario answered…4mos4MO

Yes i feel inspired to act as a Social Activism rather than protesting for those.

 @9LMRNNWfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

I don't like it because I find it as a dangerous way of trying to change things.

 @9LM9QV9from Ontario answered…1mo1MO

I feel hopelessness because our government doesnt really seem to be listening to what the people want. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

 @9LM79HXfrom British Columbia answered…1mo1MO

Depends on what it is. I support the truckers, but I believe the free palestiners should be charged with supporting genocide.

 @9LLTNGFNew Democraticfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

I don't feel inspired to act about it because most of the time it doesnt bother me

 @9LLL9TMfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

 @9LJXC9Bfrom Georgia answered…1mo1MO

When I agree with their beliefs, I feel proud that my fellow citizens felt strong enough to fight for what they believe is right, But when I disagree with them I simply believe their moronic and should be made fun of, laugh at the reprocussions they face for speaking out.

 @9KBHCRYfrom Quebec answered…3mos3MO

When I hear about protests in the news, I would feel inspired to act if I supported what the people were protesting about. If it was something I disagree with, I would find a way to support those against it but, if I supported it, I would go and protest with them.

 @9KBGZHYfrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

Think that it all depends on what the protestisfor, however I dislike them overall us find that those uno participateinthese things are not well adverse in the topic and want to make aloud noise without doing enough research onthe overall issue. Ican appreciate people and passionate but trey often lead to rage
And negativity

 @9J9PHBQfrom Alberta answered…4mos4MO

I feel like it is good to see the spirit of free speech alive as long as protests are non violent

 @9J9HDCFfrom Ontario answered…4mos4MO

If it's for a cause that will affect my future in a good way then yes I'd feel inspired to act.

 @9LMRPJBfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

I never feel inspired to act in protests although some topics may make me feel mad, confused or glad about why people are protesting it, I would not do anything about it besides feel how I feel.

 @9LMGJ96Liberalfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

 @9LM4P8Yfrom Nova Scotia answered…1mo1MO

It doesn't make me want to act and more often than not makes me think people are overreacting to many issues.

 @9LM37SWfrom British Columbia answered…1mo1MO

I don’t care really, they can protest if they want to protest. I don’t join protests

 @9LMGGKJfrom Saskatchewan answered…1mo1MO

I do not really feel inspired to act, I am not a social activist myself. What I wish for is peace on Earth. I do not really pay attention to political conflicts. Overall, I am just neutral.

 @9LM3HW7from British Columbia answered…1mo1MO

It depends on what we are protesting about and if I am inspired maybe I will talk about with my friends. I don’t know

 @9LLV5VQfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

I don't pay attention to the news, I'll do what I think is right but I will not make a scene out of it and over-dramatize it.

 @9LKHLWLfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

I don't agree with the BLM movement nor the Trans-rights ideology. I don't see how defunding the police nor promoting pro-choice ideas would help anyone. It may be attractive to the younger generation unfortunately.

 @9LKH2RCfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

I do, but ultimately, there is not enough people and they would just make fun of me.

 @9J6S7WTfrom Ontario answered…4mos4MO

 @9LMD3D8from Alberta answered…1mo1MO

 @9LKHV3Tfrom Ontario answered…1mo1MO

No it doesn’t make me want to act and depending what its about inask myself why do people feel okay looking stupid or I think good job


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