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@97WDKK8from Nova Scotia  answered…3wks

@95LSVQVfrom Ontario  answered…3mos

@942M326from Nova Scotia  answered…4mos

Yes, and nationalize the banks with the goal of breaking up banks.

@93TM7X6from Nova Scotia  answered…5mos

@937LMWDfrom British Columbia  answered…7mos

no, do not care what people make as an income, we would be better off fixing tax rules on stock options, etc, then capping compensation.

@92S6KXHfrom Ontario  answered…7mos

@928X97Sfrom Ontario  answered…8mos

@8ZSJL5Bfrom Ontario  answered…9mos

Yes, and nationalize the banks with the goal of abolishing banks.

@8Z7DWC9from Ontario  answered…10mos

Yes, and nationalise the banks with the goal of breaking up the banks

@8YWNWC3from Alberta  answered…10mos

Profits should be reviewed based on economy and what they provide to people. No gouging. If they gouge, remove banks ability to be in business.

@8Y34B8Qfrom British Columbia  answered…12mos

@8W6KC6MNew Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Yes, and total executive compensation (including bonuses) should be capped at 10x the wage of the lowest earning employee

@8VVPX8LNew Democraticfrom Manitoba  answered…1yr

Why bonuses in the first place. Pay fair rates and publish what you pay. Better balance needed between employees and senior executive pay

@8VN22QDfrom Alberta  answered…1yr

they shouldn’t get a bonus at all, they target financially struggling/ people who are undereducated about their options for investing or saving and offer unrealistic “opportunities” with high rates of interest and outrageous penalties disclosed in tricky wording/ or cloaked within the “fine print” not disclosed verbally before signing your life away. you really think these people deserve to be rewarded

@Jjulipfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Top business officials should have a cap on compensation relative to the lowest paid person in their organization

@8VJZSSXfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

@8VBQZYDfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Lower the cap by 50 %, but create public banks as an alternative to private banking.

@8VB2DHN answered…1yr

No cap if the banks where truly independent. However, as long as the government is willing to bail them out, then yes. 20 % of pay

@8V99PQMfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

No, any worker should be rewarded based on their success. Also, banks should be worker-owned.

@8V6K63MNew Democraticfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

no one should receive bonuses unless all bonus money is equally distributed equally no matter what position a worker has.

@8TYJGN5from Ontario  answered…1yr

It should be capped at 15% and never come from government funding.

 @8TXVXMLfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

No, but no one should bail them out or offer corporate welfare to make it easy to help pay them more.

@8TX5DJLfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Yes, lower the cap to 20%, and give bonuses only for positive performance. The guy who wrecked Nortel walked away with millions in bonuses for driving the company into the ground. Meanwhile retired workers got their pensions slashed. This is grossly unethical. Neither banks nor corporations should be allowed to reward ineptitude and bad management.

@8TWV6HMfrom Quebec  answered…1yr

@8TW2L7Bfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

@8TV8KKXChristian Heritagefrom Newfoundland  answered…1yr

Bankers shouldn’t get bonuses for finding ways to charge average people to access their own money.

@8TMSDPDfrom Manitoba  answered…1yr

Should be limited to 25percent and we should regulate user fees and more caps on credit card rates and other interest rates which are predatory.


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