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question answer submissions importance date party ideologies province/territ... electoral... electoral... postal_code polling...
If the 2019... Diana Yoon 6,278 2.3 2017-04-05 People’s... Individual Newfoundla... Sydney - V... Essex V6Z Toronto 53
If the 2019 Niagara... Vance Badawey 1,579 4.61 2017-12-12 Communist Nationalis Alberta Calgary Ce... Laval--Les... E4G Priddis 20
If the 2019 Papineau... Justin Trudeau 6,253 1.66 2017-06-02 Liberal Progressiv New Brunsw Dauphin -... St. John's... G8J Vancouver
If the 2019 Calgary... Khalis Ahmed 2,890 2.14 2017-12-07 Liberal Democratic... Northwest... Simcoe Nor Niagara We M1N Toronto 83
If the 2019 Thunder... Linda Rydholm 2,933 4.52 2017-05-10 Liberal Decentrali... Ontario Nunavut Whitby G0C Saltcoats
If the 2019... Philippe Gagnon 7,780 1.1 2017-03-11 Conservati Democratic... British Co... Kingston a... Windsor--T... M6P Glen Rober...
If the 2019... Pierre Lemieux 2,223 1.34 2017-02-05 Communist Anthropoce... Nunavut London Nor... Selkirk--I... J4R Vancouver


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