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@982JQXPfrom Saskatchewan  answered…4 days

@97Z6JWPfrom Nova Scotia  answered…1wk

I feel that we spend an even amount on military and other things I feel we should spend a few more but other than that we have a good military

@97VV7LKfrom Saskatchewan  answered…2wks

canada is giving a lot of our own resources to other places like the russian and ukraine war. If canada gives all of our funds/resources away and it comes to war what do we do...etc

@97TYYQHfrom Ontario  answered…2wks

We should solve our economic problems before we increase spending in the military

@97QXQF8from Nebraska  answered…3wks

@97N7ZRVfrom Ontario  answered…3wks

Any military any country should be made proficient do do their job

@97HHVXRfrom Quebec  answered…3wks

Increase, Canada should respect the NATO standard of 2% of the GDP on the military minimum

@97462QGfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

It should only increase when there is an active war being fought.

@96SN4ZPfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

@96M2676from British Columbia  answered…1mo

Audit every dollar to ensure the military are not using surveillance to control the means.

@96K3N3Ffrom British Columbia  answered…2mos

@96GB8R6from British Columbia  answered…2mos

@96G3ZZLfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

Maybe buy a non-nuclear aircraft carrier for our navy and also train our troops to fight with guerrilla tactics up in the north.

@96CJVXRfrom Manitoba  answered…2mos

@96BHBSGfrom Manitoba  answered…2mos

@969WBZXfrom British Columbia  answered…2mos

@96375R7from Ontario  answered…2mos

@95SY7CMfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

Decrease temporarily while we are in a recession and then increase, primarily in funding for technical development

@957BZS7from Alberta  answered…3mos

Take care of the damn veterans properly. Then make sure the amount is sufficient to protect our borders. Adjust spending based on needs.

@94VP9NSfrom British Columbia  answered…3mos

@94HJSNHfrom Quebec  answered…3mos

@9425J2G from Florida answered…4mos

Leave it but remove our troops from foreign hostile conflicts that are not threatening our countrys safety

@93ZQDBJ from California answered…4mos

Cut out wasteful spending and/or use wasteful spending to increase salaries of military workers.

@93WJJFTfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

@93V5N7M from Maryland answered…5mos

Decrease, also remove the ability for representatives to have financial interests in the laws they pass laws about

@83Q4GLX from Oklahoma answered…5mos

@924MYCK from GU answered…5mos

Decrease, current spending should be adjusted by reducing wasteful spending to ensure the budget is spent more wisely. Also, some of the budget should be reallocated towards those that need more funding, such as social programs, education, healthcare, etc.

@93GXC37 from Michigan answered…6mos

@93B6FPPfrom Ontario  answered…6mos

Increase when stuff like what’s going on in Ukraine happen as precaution for bigger issues to arise.

@939HTNM from Oklahoma answered…6mos

Decrease, and perform audits of military spending to identify fraud, waste & abuse of tax-payers dollars

@8TMFV7P from Georgia answered…6mos

@938PWY6 from Kansas answered…6mos

Military spending increase or decrease is irrelevant. Spending needs to be more accountably efficient, subject to more IG staff for different aspects of the military, but the VA in particular.

@8ZSR5NL from GU answered…6mos

Increase to maintain a strong national defense, and/or if there is a problem that we need to respond to ongoing conflicts/emergency situations. But current spending should be adjusted by reducing wasteful spending to ensure the budget is spent more wisely, and provide our troops with better pay and benefits.

@936GP2VPeople’s Partyfrom Alberta  answered…6mos

Not only should funding be decreased, but it should be eliminated entirely

@9334YP3 answered…7mos

Military expenditure should instead be used to arm and train every citizen.

@9323M4S from Idaho answered…7mos

Eliminating corruption in the military industrial complex will make spending more efficient.

@92YKHH6from Alberta  answered…7mos

Increase, but only if our country is being invaded or when helping Canada’s allies from being invaded

@92V2T45from Ontario  answered…7mos


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