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Decrease, and the government should provide more incentives to prepare our citizens for these jobs

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Increase, our economy relies on businesses hiring the highest skilled workers at the lowest cost

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

Decrease, companies are currently taking advantage of this program to decrease wages

@4VQ296Sfrom British Columbia  answered…2yrs

Our education system should be tailored to the job market. Too much utter waste of artsy fartsy programs when people can't find a plumber.

@57MXLNHfrom Ontario  answered…2yrs

Educational institutions & government should join to evaluate the need for skilled workers, then provide $$$ incentives such as free tuition & small living allowance to Canadians willing to train to fill these gaps. We have too many unskilled, unemployed arts degrees, and educators are still pushing students to a prestigious ARTS program.

@4L6DJ6Qfrom Manitoba  answered…2yrs

@97Y3JVGfrom Vermont  answered…5 days

All immigrant workers should receive the same protections, regardless of skill level

@97QYQ2VCommunistfrom Ontario  answered…2wks

@97K7ZCKfrom Newfoundland  answered…3wks

@96JJRBTfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

There is no such as a high skilled worker. They are all the same.

@96G9CJWNew Democraticfrom Newfoundland  answered…1mo

Provincially protect own workers and train younger citizens in highly skilled areas, let these highly skilled workers teach us

@95YV2DZfrom British Columbia  answered…2mos

Increase, but also increase the ability for less-skilled laborers to stay permanently if they wish.

@95SFXHSfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

Priority should be given to young Canadians wanted to step in and have an opportunity VS sourcing it all elsewhere.

@95QY385from Alberta  answered…2mos

I knew this guy who lived in bc for 2 years but couldn't buy a car or anywhere special because he couldn't get his visa or something from India so he had to work on an under the table job site to help pay for stuff, he was the best worker I've ever seen but he always got the short end of the stick and quit because our boss was kinda crazy, anway there need to be more work visas before that was really unfortunate

@94CXG6Gfrom Quebec  answered…3mos

@93X4TMH from Texas answered…4mos

Increase, but only after we adequately equip our citizens with the necessary resources for these jobs

@93RQL4H from Massachusetts answered…5mos

It should remain status quo, but we should be penalizing companies that look for loopholes and try to hire immigrants for cheaper work by making sure the minimum wage is increased.

@92JXK3J from New York answered…5mos

I like the current amount, but reform the system so that companies cannot take advantage of the program to decrease wages.

@8ZPHR88 from Colorado answered…6mos

Increase, but insure that their labor rights are not being infringed upon, and they're not being taken advantage of.

@92YHQCV from California answered…6mos

Decrease, companies are currently taking advantage of this program to decrease wages, even though Immigration helps to Make America Great

@92ZYZRW from Missouri answered…6mos

Increase, The whole point of the american dream is that everyone gets an opportunity.

@9334YP3 answered…6mos

The US should only issue any kind of visas to high-skilled heterosexual cisgender Christian immigrants.

@92RTRZZfrom Ontario  answered…7mos

 @MSelvig from Wyoming answered…7mos

Keep it the same for now, while remembering that we should be encouraging our own citizens to work toward these jobs.

@923Z93G from Pennsylvania answered…8mos

@8ZVMXF6from Alberta  answered…8mos

Decrease, and the government should provide more opportunities to prepare our citizens for these jobs, specifically doctors...

@85QWNPG from Colorado answered…9mos

Increase, our population is set to decline in the coming decades and the only true way to stop this in a first world nation (of which we are barely), is to bring in high skilled foreign labor so that they may set up a family here and keep the economic flow moving. Currently countries such as Japan and Korea which sought to keep out much foreign influence on the economy are feeling the strain of putting that burden on an aging population.

@8Z6PZKW from Louisiana answered…9mos

Decrease, and you should have to live in the US to have a job in the US

@8YYMTXPfrom Quebec  answered…10mos

Increase, and don't allow them to be payed less for the same jobs

 @michaelconnely from Nebraska answered…10mos

Economic cycles can be predicted based on population ages. To maintain a more uniform economy, a stable population across all ages should be implemented. Work visa numbers should be based on this factor and shortages needed in the labor force.

@vacheesehead answered…10mos

@8XZNFFCfrom British Columbia  answered…12mos

Regardless, the government should not be involved in this matter.

@8XWV8LKPeople’s Partyfrom Manitoba  answered…12mos

End temporary work visas altogether. There are plenty of able body, able minded Canadians not working.

@8XNT9ZQ from Florida answered…12mos

It needs to be the right amount of visas per job. I have worked in hospitals that import nurses and refuse to high new graduates from local colleges/universities. They say the imported nurses have experience - that's a joke! I had to spend months with my colleagues training them.

@Thomasj66 from Georgia answered…1yr

No, make sure citizens are qualified while also letting in people.

@8WVSFDZ from New Jersey answered…1yr

Neither, but screening visas would have prevented some of the 911 hijackers.

@8WP5BCC from Ohio answered…1yr

Personally I feel like if you feel like you need a "foreigner" to help you figure something out that's cool but I feel like it should be 50/50.

@8WNLM9C from Nebraska answered…1yr

Keep it at the same rate but have the government make sure that these workers are being paid the same as U.S Citizens would and that they are being treated fairly. Have them treated as they have all the same basic rights we have under U.S.A’s government.

@8WMPBWQfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

Neither decrease nor increase, but add funding and incentives for our own citizens to be capable of these jobs.

@7PTCG38 from Wisconsin answered…1yr

Increase at this current point in time, but the government should provide more incentives to prepare our citizens for these jobs

@7Q6YR42 from Virginia answered…1yr

Neither decrease nor increase, regardless of who does the job it should get done to a high standard regardless of price or nationality.

@4SNPK4B answered…1yr

Increase (in fact I favor abolishing this restriction on immigration)


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