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@9X3V2XZChristian Heritagefrom Alberta  answered…4mos

@9WT79CLLiberalfrom Newfoundland  answered…4mos

Both need to be involved in development of infrastructure and promotion of aid and training programs

@9WGCY3MLiberalfrom Alberta  answered…5mos

@9W8MQKYConservativefrom Ontario  answered…5mos

@9W5D7KPGreenfrom Alberta  answered…5mos

For funding only. Post secondary should stabilize itself without government interference.

@9VY8P8JRhinocerosfrom New Brunswick  answered…5mos

@9VLJYHMNew Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…6mos

@9V5VQFJChristian Heritagefrom Alberta  answered…8mos

@9V4VTXGGreenfrom Quebec  answered…8mos

Education is only used as a substitute for people's need to be in control of their own lives and livelihoods, the mass reduction of technology to pre industrial society would be better

@9TZPYGDGreenfrom Ontario  answered…8mos

The government shouldnt be involved in what goes into the education but should be to ensure consistency

@9HDTMQ4Communistfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

Provincial and Federal government should fund educational initiatives and institutions, but not control the curriculum.

@9HDTC7RGreenfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

The provincial and federal government should fund educational initiatives and institutions but not the curriculum

@9RFV7YDNew Democraticfrom Alberta  answered…1yr

Provincially managed with federal redistribution of funds to ensure equality

@9LJTYZFPeople’s Partyfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Federally. All Canadians should be allowed to learn the same, and make it more of a priority.

@9JD9T6BLiberalfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

I was going to choose the federal, but then I realized that we can't afford to provide FREE education to people unless perspective on education changes.

@9HM6KMCRhinocerosfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

@9H6RH9RCommunistfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

@9GSJ5MFBloc Québécoisfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

To me this makes no sense. I think education in Canada should be free. Is it really a “free country” ?

@9F9T6J3Conservativefrom Alberta  answered…1yr

Post Secondary institutions should ensure balanced view points and funding should be partially tied to campuses fostering healthy debate and not echo chambers

@emma_m02Conservativefrom Ontario  answered…9mos

Postsecondary education should be privatized and a personal choice.

@9T4MPF2Rhinocerosfrom Saskatchewan  answered…10mos

Both. Better education leads to better jobs. More taxes collected provincial and Federal

@9R2B88VGreenfrom Nova Scotia  answered…1yr

I think it would be beneficial to have it as a provincial run thing, but with proper funding to actually provide a quality education, which we do have rights to.

@9QZGXHCRhinocerosfrom Saskatchewan  answered…1yr

@9WPTS8XPeople’s Partyfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

It should be my responsibility because I am always correct and everyone else is always wrong

@9ZBS8GGConservativefrom Alberta  answered…2wks

I don"t have enough information and could not find much online

@9Z9GBT5Liberalfrom Ontario  answered…2wks

It's neither group's responsibility, I believe it's a public choice that falls the responsibility on ourselves.

@9YX4SWNLiberalfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

@9YT2L5KLiberalfrom Nova Scotia  answered…2mos

Social programs such as bursaries and post secondary funding should be regulated by the federal government with both playing a roll with funding.

@9YMR8DDConservativefrom Alberta  answered…2mos

@9YK9S7WPeople’s Partyfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

Neither. It’s the public’s choice. Government has no spot in this unless rebates or grants. It should be tax write off for parents. Sounds like communism.

@9YK6F5WCommunistfrom British Columbia  answered…2mos

Both provincial and federal should share the responsibility.


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