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Yes, require strict background checks, psychological testing, and training

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No, and the government should pass a national “stand your ground” law

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@97Y29T9from Alberta  answered…2wks

The government should pass federal "stand your ground" laws, as well as make it easier to obtain guns for hunting animals. However common sense checks like background checks and others should be installed.

@97XZ6Y9from Ontario  answered…2wks

There should be fewer restrictions because most guns are banned from being bought now.

@97TFF9Dfrom British Columbia  answered…2wks

Less restrictions on restricted firearms due to due to stats extremely low crime rate with legal firearms ownership

@97T4JZCConservativefrom Ontario  answered…2wks

No, only for criminals and the mentally ill and require strict background checks, psychological testing, and training, and go after illegal smuggling of guns and illegal border crossings.

@97NRTW8from Ontario  answered…3wks

Restrictions should be lessened for those who are of sound mind and have had education and training for the use and safety of firearms.

@97LZCQNfrom Ontario  answered…3wks

they should be legal but people with criminal background's and restricted use of automatic weapons to shooting ranges and must have a extensive training of weapon safety

@97HHVXRfrom Quebec  answered…3wks

No, they should leave replica guns out of it, like paintball or airsoft

@9787V57from British Columbia  answered…4wks

Yes but in today's world people need to protect themselves from robbers breaking into houses

@975C74DConservativefrom Nova Scotia  answered…1mo

No, but increase penalties for gun-related crimes and there but assault weapons should be more restricted. And some background checks.

@974ZG4NGreenfrom Quebec  answered…1mo

Yes, guns involved in hunting should be regulated, and all other guns banned except for use in firing ranges, where the guns are stored in said firing range.

@96SP7TZConservativefrom Alberta  answered…1mo

No there should not be more restrictions on the purchasing of firearms there should be less restrictions.

@96SMTW5from Ontario  answered…1mo

Yes, there should be stricter background checks and psychological testing, and the government should pass a national "stand your ground" law.

@96QWKXFfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

No, self protection and owning a firearm is a fundamental right, and the government should pass a national “stand your ground” law

@96QP3KDfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

gun restrictions are not the biggest deturent of gun viololence, its biggest desturent is ending the war on drugs coupled with reasonable laws that help the mentally ill

@96K3HXPfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

No but require strict background checks, psychological testing, and training

@96HRZF5Rhinocerosfrom Alberta  answered…2mos

Compulsory concealed carry for women, with mandatory shooting classes for high school girls. It should be impossible for a straight man to get a gun.

@96HHWFCfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

@96H58RBfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

@96DWQ75from British Columbia  answered…2mos

No, I think Canada is great and one of the best of restrictions of gun violence

@96CX5Z3Conservativefrom Ontario  answered…2mos

They should keep the buying the gun at the same level but lower the gun shooting wise

@969Q7SKfrom British Columbia  answered…2mos

Yes, but close the gun show loophole and undergo strict background checks, psychological testing, and training.

@9696BZTfrom British Columbia  answered…2mos

@968J6P9from Ontario  answered…2mos

Guns should be allowed (Including AR-15s) but of course have background checks, focus on mental health issues, also have mandatory firearm safety classes. After all, having an armed population can not only stop a foreign invasion, but also allow the people to be able to keep their rights.

@967V2B4from Alberta  answered…2mos

@967DL2Jfrom Manitoba  answered…2mos

@964QPWVConservativefrom Alberta  answered…2mos

@95Z44MFfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

Yes, The buyer should also require a gun license given by the federal government

@95PJ28Kfrom Manitoba  answered…2mos

no but increase the penalties for gun related crimes and don't allow the mentally ill to have guns and require strict background checks, psychological testing, and training.

@95P8Y5Lfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

for the allowence of guns to only be allowed for public use of for hunting and self defence not to be brandished around in high populated areas without heavy safety measures like no ammo being in it, safety always being on, the gun being in a protective case.

@95N7VRRfrom Alberta  answered…2mos

Yes, it should go through a strict process to ensure that a gun isn’t just accessible to just anyone.

@95MZCG7from Alberta  answered…2mos


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