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@9ZDMHKHNew Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…1wk

Yes, and to add in stricter regulation and inspection, similar to other commercial substances.

@9Z96XPBGreenfrom Alberta  answered…2wks

Reduce sentences for those serving time (users), increase spending on providing safe spaces and rehab programs, and increase punishment for drug dealers.

@9YN6RQGNew Democraticfrom Nova Scotia  answered…2mos

not all drugs are dangorous i like to do mushrooms n weed which is not really that harmful

@9YGZ67MPeople’s Partyfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

magic mushrooms should be legal not only because there is medical use for them but they also help with depression

@9YSPMP4New Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

I would say no, because drugs are bad and I and everyone on Planet Earth should NEVER EVER use drugs!

@9XVHGJHConservativefrom Ontario  answered…3mos

Treat addiction like a health issue, not a criminal one. Crack down on drug dealers

@9XKZ252Rhinocerosfrom Ontario  answered…3mos

@9XBDXLTRhinocerosfrom British Columbia  answered…4mos

Why are people trying to legalize drugs? That’s a little sus

@9XBD2JGNew Democraticfrom Alberta  answered…4mos

yes I think it should be decriminalized, but there should be to some extent of punishment regarding actions influenced by drugs

@9WZGXJJPeople’s Partyfrom British Columbia  answered…4mos

yes but most of the drug users will still try to get it off the street.

@9XC6767New Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

@9FT5JZJNew Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

yes, unless the person starts getting addicted and uses them in wrong ways

@9WTP9QYNew Democraticfrom Nova Scotia  answered…4mos

With the increasing information about Psychedelic's treating depression, ptsd, and other mental health disorders. I feel they should be decriminalized. I think some countries have had good results with decriminalizing all drugs, but i am not so sure about Canada. For me moreso keeping Cannabis as legal and ramp up Government research on all of the plant. And Psychedelics.

@9WRRZSNRhinocerosfrom Quebec  answered…4mos

@9WK8NZ2Greenfrom Alberta  answered…4mos

Yes but increase free rehabilitation programs and have more services to help them recover easier, criminalizing drug users just causes them to stay in the system due to not being able to find jobs or live normal lives during recovery processes

@9WJH76CRhinocerosfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

No. Unless absolutely necessary, stop drug use. Invest more in naturopaths and natural products.

@9WHRNNMChristian Heritagefrom British Columbia  answered…4mos

Allow any and all drug use; but, any person found to have any drug in their system equals no public help whatsoever. Let them live or die by their choice and it should not cost the public a single dime.

@9WHPMLXRhinocerosfrom Manitoba  answered…4mos

Authorities should concentrate on drug czars in drug countries. Cutting off the snakes head will eventually trickle down to the street.

@9WHFBHTRhinocerosfrom Quebec  answered…4mos

I think we should decriminalize magic mushrooms. it has a numerous amount of benefits for the mind and body, and is even said to expand creativity and cure anxiety and depression.

@9WDWC85New Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

@9W6YRPPNew Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

Yes, but needs to be done in tandem with increases in funding for addiction prevention and rehabilitation

@9VZ3ZF3Greenfrom British Columbia  answered…5mos

Most but not all drugs because we should pass tougher law and increase punishment for drug dealers and retroactively reduce sentences for drug related crimes and increase funding for addiction prevention and rehabilitation

@9VYDH5NLibertarianfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

Yes, retroactively reduce sentences for those already serving time, and build more rehabilitation centres for drug addicts.

@9VYCR4BRhinocerosfrom Alberta  answered…5mos

Yes, but not all drugs. And decriminalize drugs with medicinal purposes, as well.

@9VXFVJCConservativefrom Alberta  answered…5mos

Yes, but only for certain drugs with no-addictive characteristics after intensive study. Like certain psychedelics or party drugs. There should be no path to legalization for cocaine or heroin.

@9VXCGWSGreenfrom Alberta  answered…5mos

Situational - retroactively look into marijuana cases because theyre not big time drug lords with uncut bricks of cocaine. They arent a menace to society they were just chillin

@9VSB2DXRhinocerosfrom British Columbia  answered…6mos

@9VJX7PXLiberalfrom Ontario  answered…7mos

Yes, and offer addiction and prevention and rehabilitation support.

@9VDKZJYCommunistfrom Alberta  answered…7mos

Yes, depending on what the majority of people are using them for.

@9TZJSHQLiberalfrom Ontario  answered…8mos

Yes, and provide the necessary treatment instead of incarceration, but excluding drug dealers.

@9TY6BB2Communistfrom Alberta  answered…8mos

Yes, depending on what kind of drug and the reason for usage.

@9TH7C2NRhinocerosfrom Ontario  answered…9mos

@TiniestAsianPeople’s Partyfrom British Columbia  answered…9mos

Yes, as long as the drugs being decriminalized are healthier/safer than alcohol

@9T5BDLYLiberalfrom British Columbia  answered…10mos

yes but we should make a system to insure safer drug use when these drugs are given

@9SW2MJJBloc Québécoisfrom Ontario  answered…10mos

@9STMKXXAlternative for Germanyfrom Ontario  answered…10mos

@9SN3XRRRhinocerosfrom Ontario  answered…10mos

Yes, but increase funding for addiction prevention and require rehabilitation programs

@9SCTY57Communistfrom Ontario  answered…11mos

yes but only less harmful drugs, and people who sell them to children should be arrested.

@9S8DXB7Republicanfrom Alberta  answered…11mos

only thc based drugs cause they have been proven to assist people with sleep issues.

@9RXXKJ4Christian Heritagefrom British Columbia  answered…12mos

everybody who goes to a safe drug use should get arrested and thrown in jail for atleast a year there are more and more every year its getting worse they are stealing and destroying places

@9RXWZ68Christian Heritagefrom British Columbia  answered…12mos

people who go to sefe drug use sites should get arrested on the spot and thrown in jail for a minumum of 1 year

@9RQQS3BLiberalfrom Ontario  answered…12mos

I believe it is a health issue there for should be decriminalized

@9RP5MZBConservativefrom Ontario  answered…12mos

@9RBTNLDCommunistfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

yes instead of putting people in jail they should be rehabilitated and helped

@9R66CTTNew Democraticfrom Alberta  answered…1yr

Yes, for some drugs but increase punishment for drug dealers and increase funding for rehabilitation and addition prevention

@9QWNB5QPeople’s Partyfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Drugs that cause harm should be illegal and have serious legal concequences.


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