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Yes, and retroactively reduce sentences for those already serving time

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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

No, but decriminalize drugs that offer medicinal benefits such as marijuana

@98VKDB9from Ontario  answered…6 days

that government should focus more on allowing safe spaces for people to use and have more ways at these places for people to get better.

@98TLB6Mfrom Alberta  answered…1wk

Yes, but only for the personal use of small amounts & mainly prioritize going after the suppliers & dealers.

@98S4797from Ontario  answered…2wks

Yes, but only if it can be prescribed to people by a doctor, for medical purposes

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@98HL8XHfrom Alberta  answered…1mo

Too broad a question should be more specific each drug needs addressed individually.

@98H2S4Mfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

You know how much money the governments may get off of marijuana. Decriminize all drugs they'll be safer

@98FPFSYLiberalfrom British Columbia  answered…1mo

As for legalizing some drugs, yes. We should legalize drugs such as marijuana, and potentially those such as mushrooms, as they have been shown to potentially help people. We should also allow researchers to be able to study all drugs as we have to know the potential health effects, and can help adequately treat people in our public health guidelines. But as for decriminalization, it should really depend on a variety of things, as there should be more ways to get treatment, but also have ways to help protect the public from people who are a danger to themselves and others, but having potential jailtime, because mental health treatment doesn't always work for some people unfortunately.

@989ZJ93from Alberta  answered…2mos

No and stimulants and harmful products should be labeled as drugs, ex. Sugar and coffee.

@989D7J6from Alberta  answered…2mos

@9886QBFfrom Nova Scotia  answered…2mos

@987SXSTfrom Saskatchewan  answered…2mos

@986QT96People’s Partyfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

Yes but to an extent like don't legalise cocaine or heroin or any other really bad drugs like that.

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@97W7B5Nfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

I think that drug use should be able to use drugs but there is a limit of how many they are able to take

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@97VW7DYfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

it depends on what type of drugs are intended to be decriminalized and how it affects the body and how much can be consumed.

@97VW4C8from Ontario  answered…2mos

It depends on which type of drugs and how ita affects the body and how much it is used

@97VS69Wfrom Nova Scotia  answered…2mos

Yes. But predominantly with a focus on rehabilitation for addicts and to take money away from drug dealers.

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@97S8NTQfrom Alberta  answered…3mos

Yes but only with authorized safe consumption and vending sites and we need to increase and crack down on drugs in the black market

@97QKKNHfrom Alberta  answered…3mos

Yes but enforce stronger punishment for drug dealers, higher taxes on sales of drugs

@97Q9BJ9from Ontario  answered…3mos

I feel like people who are addicts shouldn't be punished for drug use but drug dealers and organized crime should be.

@97NRTW8from Ontario  answered…3mos

Further studies need to be done. But decriminalize for those who use for medicinal purposes.

@97529D2from Nova Scotia  answered…3mos

I am in favour of legalizing and regulating all drugs like alcohol. This way we have better control over them and we can stop drug users from turning to the back market. Prohibition isn’t working.

@974SSKCfrom Ontario  answered…3mos

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@96QVWKMfrom Ontario  answered…3mos

Yes, but make addiction and rehabilitation services more accessible so that everyone can access them, and increase education towards effects drugs can have.

@96Q6C2Cfrom Ontario  answered…3mos

Some drug users do it because they’re depressed and can’t stop so try and help them stop unless they are stubborn then punish

@96NNR97from Ontario  answered…3mos

@96KRD7MLiberalfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

Only drugs that should be legal are ones that are prescription for you and that don't cause harm because sometimes the "bad drugs" can get into the hands of irisponsible people using them for the wrong reason.


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