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Yes, and the government should limit the number of homes that can be bought by a single person or corporation

@98554TRfrom Washington  answered…16hrs

No, just keep taxes lower so people can afford to buy a home easier.

@984LN6Ffrom Ontario  answered…1 day

Yes but only for people who don’t make a liveable wage or make less than 40-50k a year. Also only for people who are in bad financial situations (unless they got themselves into it and aren’t trying to get out of it) and for single parents who make less than 50-40k.

@98444SSfrom Ontario  answered…2 days

Yes, but it also it should depend on your situation and who you are living with.

@983ZT78Liberalfrom Ontario  answered…2 days

Yes and no because if you are in a situation where you make 20-30k a year, and you are a single parent, then having some help paying would be nice. But if you are making 100k a year, that a different story because it’s so much more than 20k. So I think that the government should subsidize for people marketing under 100k, but not anyone over that.

@982YYJNfrom Ontario  answered…3 days

No. That just breeds laziness and people who look for loop holes. The gov't should make it so that housing never gets to the insane prices they are today.

@97Z5JYRConservativefrom Ontario  answered…1wk

I think the government should somewhat but they should also limit the number of homes that can be bought by a single person.

@97Y29T9from Alberta  answered…2wks

Personally, I think the government should help guide these citizens to get better-paying occupations.

@97XZPYPfrom Saskatchewan  answered…2wks

It shouldn't be required for the government to help but if they need help the government should help.

@97T49ZKfrom Ontario  answered…2wks

I don't really know about the political stuff in Canada. I am not a canadian.

@97S5KWLfrom New Brunswick  answered…3wks

@97RR33Dfrom Alberta  answered…3wks

@97QYQ2VCommunistfrom Ontario  answered…3wks

The government should build social housing units for everyone, so that we have affordable housing for all.

@9765WJJfrom Alberta  answered…1mo

I think people who make more money on a different bracket should not be subsidized while still having the right of a person on a lower bracket that should be subsidized

@972G5M7from Ontario  answered…1mo

Yes, lower that to middle class, but with special attention to single parents, people who have five or more people in a household, dissibilities, or health problems.

@96ZH3SQfrom Nova Scotia  answered…1mo

No, but the government should limit the number of homes that can be owned a single person or entity.

@96Z72XKfrom British Columbia  answered…1mo

Maybe actually do something about housing speculation and implement strict rent/vacancy controls. We do not have free markets in this country aside from real estate. No party has implemented policy that has made housing more affordable. Only the hike in interest rates has.

@96VZBVSfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

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@96LZ5T6from Ontario  answered…1mo

@96KLSBWfrom Nova Scotia  answered…2mos

@96JJRBTfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

All housing should be state or cooperative owned, and the price, affordable.

@96J2PF6from Ontario  answered…2mos

$120k per year is a good amount of money for and average person. government should subsidize those who make less than $60k.

@96HHS5QNew Democraticfrom Alberta  answered…2mos

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@96D85B2from Ontario  answered…2mos

no because they will tax the people who work for their money and give it to other people

@96BHBSGfrom Manitoba  answered…2mos

No, this is the majority of the population. Lets control the housing market a little more efficiently so that it is reasonable to become a home buyer as a person who falls into the majority income percentile.

@968FGG2Liberalfrom Nova Scotia  answered…2mos

It’s more complex and nuanced than that; better to allow mortgages to lower down payments to first/starter homes to 3 percent, with good rental history

@967V2B4from Alberta  answered…2mos

@965PJS8from Quebec  answered…2mos

@965HG8Mfrom British Columbia  answered…2mos

yes, if they are raising a family, in areas were it not affordable, depend on situation


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