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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

Yes, but require the labelling of foods that are genetically modified

@97WDKK8from Nova Scotia  answered…2wks

@97TX4J6Communistfrom Alberta  answered…2wks

 @exprisCommunist from Pennsylvania answered…3wks

@945C4M2from British Columbia  answered…4mos

@942M326from Nova Scotia  answered…4mos

@93TM7X6from Nova Scotia  answered…5mos

@93QZV7Zfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

No, we should try to eliminate engineered crops and foods. We should put more importance on growing food that is natural and good for us with nothing added or changed.

@93MCSTLfrom Quebec  answered…5mos

@92RTRZZfrom Ontario  answered…7mos

@92JJNYMfrom Ontario  answered…7mos

Yes, but make all GMO advancements public domain after 2 years. Producers will make their profits regardless.

@927VFJLfrom British Columbia  answered…8mos

@924WNLMLiberalfrom Ontario  answered…8mos

@8ZSJL5Bfrom Ontario  answered…9mos

@8ZRQ7W7from Ontario  answered…9mos

Yes, but develop a program that ensures GE crops and food meet high standards

@8Z7DWC9from Ontario  answered…10mos

@8Y3NCLYfrom Ontario  answered…12mos

@8XCDZYTfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

@8VRF6R9from British Columbia  answered…1yr

@8VRD278from Alberta  answered…1yr

Yes, but should be done in a regulated and followed safe and effective guidelines.

@8VR5D8Ffrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Yes, but regulations and advisories should be placed on foods and crops that are modified.

@8VK5J2Yfrom Alberta  answered…1yr

I prefer everything to grow naturally. Rather sad to see products saying organic on them. They should be naturally that.

@8VJ8ZRDfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

No there should be strict regulations in place to make sure it is not altering humans or affecting their health

@8VJ7MXZfrom Alberta  answered…1yr

@8VH294Rfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

Yes, but producers should not be able to patent seeds and Yes, but require the labelling of foods that are genetically modified

@8VH26PMfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

@8VFD2CZfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

@8VFCFDBNew Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Yes, but producers should not be able to patent seeds and the labelling of foods that are genetically modified but be required

@8VDDFN9Liberalfrom Newfoundland  answered…1yr

@8V99D27from British Columbia  answered…1yr

Actually, almost every food that we consume daily has already been genetically engineered to some extent (selective breeding). Also, genetically modifying foods can greatly increase sustainability.

@8V95QN2from Ontario  answered…1yr

No, ban all GMOs, and Genetic Engineering nationwide. No exceptions, GMOs cause cancer and other maladies.

@8VKJ6Z7Conservativefrom Saskatchewan  disagreed…1yr

GMOs do not cause cancer. Please educate yourself, preferably not on Facebook as you likely received this info

@8V6GHWQfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Producers should not be allowed to patent seeds and foods should be labeled

@8V5TPXXNew Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Yes, but seed patenting should be illegal and food labelling should be required—along with the inclusion of long term studies on the impact of genetically modified foods.

@8V5CFHLfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Most of the food we consume has been genetically modified at some point.

@8V2K293from Quebec  answered…1yr

@8TZ65QCfrom Alberta  answered…1yr

Hard one to answer. My take is that there can be great benefit to modified crops to feed the human population but that companies have been given far too much legal leeway and that they have been responsible for great harm in biodiversity.

 @buday4vancouverLibertarian from Washington answered…1yr

Yes, fully labelled like advertising and in controlled growing so there is no accidental cross breading on the lands of others.

@8TX5JVBfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Yes, but only if the food has been tested for safety of consumption and require labelling of genetically modified foods

@8TWQNRHfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

No. We are what we eat. I have health issues now because of eating Monsanto crops.

@8TWBKYZfrom New Brunswick  answered…1yr


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