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@9YSPMP4New Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

I would say Maybe, because people need to go to school to be successful.

@9XVHGJHConservativefrom Ontario  answered…3mos

@9XPJVYJNew Democraticfrom Nova Scotia  answered…3mos

Only as long as they are going to pay me back the money I paid for my education too (inclusive of a BSc, BEd, 2 MEd and 2 Certification programs of study.

@9WXT4R4New Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

Add more subsidies for Canadian citizens in matters of school tuition .

@9WNJPCVRhinocerosfrom British Columbia  answered…4mos

Government should reduce up to 20,000 of student loan debt once for each citizen

@9WNCSYGNew Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

The government should forgive debts but not up to 20,000 unless it is a medical course

@9WMZ3WPNew Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

Seems too high a number, should be in relation to an algorithm that can make this fair for all families. Some need a lot more help than others and 20k per student is too much to forgive. Kids gotta start working in high school like they used to.

@9WMTGGNPeople’s Partyfrom British Columbia  answered…4mos

@9WMD2QNCommunistfrom British Columbia  answered…4mos

It depends on whether they can contribute enough in ratio to their debt

@9WMBYGBChristian Heritagefrom British Columbia  answered…4mos

@9WM7Y4LPeople’s Partyfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

Again more money for immigrants, while the rest of us are paying $1000 monthly interest to banks on our debt.

@9WL2Z7JRhinocerosfrom British Columbia  answered…4mos

The government should provide more free education in high need areas

@9WKKTR2from Ontario  answered…4mos

@9WKCFXKCommunistfrom New Brunswick  answered…4mos

@9WKB2SFRhinocerosfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

No only for students that pay their own way though school And not payed by their parents

@9WK8Q4YPeople’s Partyfrom British Columbia  answered…4mos

Only if the students major in an industry with high job demands

@9WVHP63New Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

If they will not be able to pay off the debt with good grades like a scholarship

@9WVDQN8New Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

@9WV82H7Liberalfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

@9WV7TKDBloc Québécoisfrom Quebec  answered…4mos

It depends on the situation. How much money the person owes, what they used the money for, how much they make at the end of their studies/throughout their career.

@9WV3KQKRhinocerosfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

There needs to be a lot of qualifiers for this. I did not agree with everything being grants, however I also do not agree with everything being loans and charging students ridiculous interest.

@9WTTGDMNew Democraticfrom British Columbia  answered…4mos

Depends on the earning potential of the individual who has the loan

@9WTN586Communistfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

@9WTK7JPConservativefrom Ontario  answered…4mos

@9WT2RV5New Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

Student Loans should not exist, forgive all student debt. Free tuition for all Canadians.

@9WSWH88New Democraticfrom Alberta  answered…4mos

Yes, if graduates are unsuccessful in finding work in their field, and/or dependant on salary in their field.

@9WSP9HMGreenfrom Quebec  answered…4mos

Yes, and also give all citizens a forgives of 20,000 dollars

@9WSJQP6Rhinocerosfrom British Columbia  answered…4mos

@9WQB69TRhinocerosfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

@9WPX2MSNew Democraticfrom British Columbia  answered…4mos

No, but the interest on student loans should be reduced, or removed.

@9WPB7RHBloc Québécoisfrom Quebec  answered…4mos

Yes, for science, engineering, commerce, medical/biological fields. No for fine arts, political studies, languages...

@9WP6G22People’s Partyfrom Alberta  answered…4mos

@9WP2Q4LPeople’s Partyfrom British Columbia  answered…4mos

@9WNJXVGRhinocerosfrom British Columbia  answered…4mos

@9Z9QL2SRhinocerosfrom Alberta  answered…2wks

For students whom their grades prove up to the mark as well low income students without children. Bills are bills and those whom do not have kids are paid the bare minimum. Those students should have equal opportunity.

@9Z9GBT5Liberalfrom Ontario  answered…2wks

No, I believe that we can not satisfy nor support all students in any answer. We could reduce student debt however not to a point where too low but not too high. There should be a good and fair debt cost for all or at least most students could accept.

@9Z7BBB9Conservativefrom British Columbia  answered…3wks

@9YYDL2JCommunistfrom Alberta  answered…1mo

I believe we as a nation should forgive debts to poorer people only if they do not misuse the right and continuously not pay tax.

@9YXWH5WBloc Québécoisfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

This would hyper-inflate our "currency" giving the economy less purchasing power.

@9YR9359People’s Partyfrom British Columbia  answered…2mos

We can give some scholarships to students who have debt, and forgive some low income students


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