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Even if it doesn’t eliminate it altogether, the more people are educated, the likely they are to understand the situation of victimized groups and furthermore those people could then also become advocates for these communities.

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No, and mandatory diversity training should be banned

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Yes, and all schools should require mandatory diversity training

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No, only private schools should be allowed to require mandatory training

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No, diversity training should be encouraged but not required

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Yes, and immediately expel any student that displays racist behavior

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Definitely for factors that people do not have a choice over, such as skin colour or country of birth.

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Be very gentle, TOLERANCE more than anything. 0 bullying. But more importantly, hate is learnt, & taught by parent(usually) i think assessment interactive test to gain a parent's levels of homophobia racism misogyny Islamaphobia. *ROLEPLAY teen coming out and what/how they react to it.

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Invest in arts and culture and the liberal arts to encourage experiences of different backgrounds, as well as mental health support to students. It should be a last resort.

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Yes, also creating awareness of Indigenous peoples history due to Canada. Discrimination against Indigenous peoples needs to stop. Every other race or culture is respected or unbothered. Educate! Or the cycle of disrespect and racism will only continue.

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Students should be taught about oppression and oppressors. Gender identity and critical race theory. Students should be taught respect LGBTQIA+ people, minorities and other POC. Diversity training will be helpfu in reducing bullying. It shouldn't be forced but strongly encouraged.

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Cultural sensitivity training should be mandatory for students who demonstrate a prejudice (along with a consequence and inquiry into the origins of the learned behaviour). All students should be subject to mandatory diversity training in differences universal to all humans, like gender and disability.

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Yes, children can be mean and teaching them about discrimination could help prevent bullying. We want equality therefore we learn and avoid discrimination.

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Only for students that commit acts of discrimination AND all white people

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No, it should be encouraged and optional, but only required for those who commit acts of discrimination

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Schools should be required to include diversity awareness/sensitivity in the education plan for students.


No, and "diversity" training should be banned for pushing terrorist propaganda.

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Encourage teaching of black history, as well as other marginalized histories in Canadian school textbooks for students, but also fund museums which allow people to tell their stories. But for staff, also have training available for them.


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