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 @9HVQ5LWfrom British Columbia answered…5mos5MO

I feel happy to hear diversity and I think we should be proud of having other worldviews to learn from

 @9HZTMP6People’sfrom Quebec disagreed…5mos5MO

Canada is a place for Canadians what makes us unique is not how many countries have the cultural districts and restaurants in our country but our unique history and culture which no other country has. And as well as unique people which as well can only be found in large numbers and as a majority in Canada. If Canadians are not the majority there will be no such things as Canadians or a Canada.

 @9HYFRDZConservativefrom British Columbia agreed…5mos5MO

Canada is a nation made up of immigrants, people from all different backgrounds, it is a patchwork made of the entire world. I am happy to see people celebrating and keeping their culture alive, My family also immigrated to Canada, and for me it always makes me happy to hear people speak the languages of my heritage.

 @9HXL9P6Communistfrom Nova Scotia answered…5mos5MO

I feel intrigued because language is a beautiful thing, and want to learn more.

 @9J2KBRYPeople’sfrom Ontario agreed…5mos5MO

there is no harm in someone not speaking the same language as you and everyone should have the right to speak in the language they are comfortable in

 @9HXQ8NWfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

I don't really mind when someone is speaking a different language with their friends or family but if they are trying to talk to me in a different language or have a convosation with me in a different langauge I would try my best to communicate with them.

 @9HXNQ68New Democraticfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

i think that is important for the rights of everyone to be held to the same standard

 @9HXG8N5from Ontario answered…5mos5MO

 @9HXBM3Qfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

 @9HXN8TZNew Democraticfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

I think its cool how much diversity there is, even in places where you wouldnt expect to hear other languages

 @9KQR724Conservativefrom Nova Scotia answered…3mos3MO

Doesn't bother me a whole lot...although some times it does feel a bit rude. I work in a very diverse workforce and have many cultures around me.

 @9KW5TDMfrom California disagreed…2mos2MO

Many different languages being spoken represents a safer environment as they feel more comfortable to not conform to the English speakers and feel more at home

 @9LK5KFHfrom British Columbia answered…1mo1MO

I feel joy, because I love to hear other people engaging in a language that is likely tied to a culture that is different than mine, and that connection is important, and beautiful.

 @9LNMTQPPeople’sfrom Alberta agreed…1mo1MO

different languages can make you realize English is not the first language to many, and you should always appreciate others and not discriminate or hate.

 @9JWKTTQfrom Alberta answered…3mos3MO

people can speak any languages they want to speak in public

 @9JZX3ZFLiberalfrom British Columbia agreed…3mos3MO

Everyone has different cultural elements and restricting one from expressing their cultural heritage is restricting them from their identity.

 @9LMN6N8from Ontario answered…1mo1MO

 @9J9QCBPNew Democraticfrom Ontario answered…4mos4MO

I feel like I’d love to understand them more and would tec to make a device so there is no language barrier

 @9J4RQXPConservativefrom Alberta answered…4mos4MO

I quite enjoy listening to other languages, they sound prettier then english, and flow better. I don't know why I feel this way.

 @9J2ZK4Tfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

As someone who constantly speaks a language that most of people don’t understand, i feel okay with it. I think it’s actually a sign of courage because they left their home country to come to a better place without even speaking the language, and even if they did speak english when they came, it’s a very hard decision to move countries.

 @9J2Z6S9 from Ontario answered…5mos5MO

 @9J2L5K9New Democraticfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

I love it! It makes me feel so comfrortable, happy and glad that people feel safe enough to speak their own languages. I think I feel this way because as a person of colour, I'd hate to not be able to speak my own different languages. Also, imagine people who don't speak English, it would be reallyy hard for them therefore negatively affecting Canada.

 @9J2KC2Zfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

 @9J2FWYZfrom Alberta answered…5mos5MO

 @9J2DVBJConservativefrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

I am never uncomfortable with other languages as i find them interesting.

 @9J2DJ78from Ontario answered…5mos5MO

If I hear someone in public speaking in a language I don't know, I simply don't care and ignore it.

 @9J23D6QCommunist from Ontario answered…5mos5MO

I don't care when I hear a language I don't understand. People speak different languages, its not that deep. As for minority rights, there are enough of them. We are already equal in our rights.

 @9HZ5PVBLiberalfrom Alberta answered…5mos5MO

I feel unbothered to hear other individuals in society communicate in a language I do not understand. Mainly because it is not my business, and I also have a minority language that I use to communicate with people from my culture.

 @9HZ5KV3from Alberta answered…5mos5MO

I feel that it is totally fine and they should be able to do everything that I am able to do whether they speak the same language as me or not.

 @9HY6SPQConservativefrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

I feel fine because I come from a place where they speak a different language

 @9HXHLDRfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

 @9J7MFXGfrom Alberta answered…4mos4MO

i don't feel anything really I notice it but I don't usually think about it

 @9J78ZDFfrom Alberta answered…4mos4MO

 @9J5N64Jfrom Ontario answered…4mos4MO

I feel excluded when I hear languages I don't understand. I feel this way because being able to not understand what one may be saying about me can be frustrating, as the individual can be saying anything about me and I won't know.

 @9J4PZFKfrom British Columbia answered…4mos4MO

I don’t feel any way, my family also speaks multiple languages and that’s why Canada is so unique. There are so many different cultures and languages here.

 @9J4PHC3Conservativefrom British Columbia answered…4mos4MO

I don't feel angryI only feel angry when I see more minority groups than actu al canadians like we’ve become the minority

 @9J4KPP2from Ontario answered…4mos4MO

I don't feel any particular way. People can converse in whatever language makes them comfortable.

 @9J4DRR8Conservativefrom Ontario answered…4mos4MO

To be honest, change is good. We need change, we need more culture in our society. The differences is what brings us together and brings colour into our life. People speaking different languages is amazing, it’s a form of communication that ties into different cultures. That’s why Toronto as a city is amazing due to its diversity. Everyone here is considered an immigrant or atleast most people are.

 @9J3GTJ6from Alaska answered…4mos4MO

don't really care, but all immigrants should be required to gain a basic level of ability in one of the official languages, and encouraged to use outside of home and family

 @9J33NQBfrom Alberta answered…5mos5MO

 @9J33C4Ffrom Alberta answered…5mos5MO

 @9J2ZNRCfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

Me personally, when I hear other people speaking another language, I do not think anything of it. I understand that people have different cultures and may not speak the broadly spoken English language.

 @9J2BN6CNew Democraticfrom British Columbia answered…5mos5MO

Canada is a nation made up of immigrants, people from all different backgrounds, it is a patchwork made of the entire world. I am happy to see people celebrating and keeping their culture alive, My family also immigrated to Canada, and for me it always makes me happy to hear people speak the languages of my heritage.

 @9HXQB5Zfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

I feel confused and lost, I feel that way because I do not understand what they are saying

 @9HXHR3YNew Democraticfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

I get a warm feeling knowing my country also this amount of wide diveristé.

 @9LMD3D8from Alberta answered…1mo1MO

everyone is entitled to bilingualism and the right to talk in any fashion

 @9J4Q7Q9 from Ontario answered…4mos4MO

I don't mind at all. It helps bring more diversity and culture like how Europe has so many languages. As long as they are legal immigrants who know basic English (or French depending on the province) as well since its a universal language in the whole country especially when used for work, business and travel related ventures. But I don't mind at all when I hear foreign languages being spoken. More languages help enrich the country and make other people within that community feel like they're back at home within Canada rather than isolated and lonely due to your mother tongue not being spoken (like first language for them can be Mandarin, Punjabi, Pashto, Arabic, German, Russian, Spanish, etc).

 @9HXDSSVfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

I dont really feel anything unless they have az really bad accent when talking in enlish and i cant understand their english.

 @9HX66QSfrom Washington answered…5mos5MO

I am pretty used to these phenomena living in Vancouver. How does this have to do with minority rights? Why is this even a political question? Only that it is a marker of recent immigration, So thinking about what this question is about...... Immigration is great, It would also be great if Canadians were having babies above replacement rate so immigration wasn't required to stabilize our countries economy.

 @9HV2SRBfrom Ontario answered…5mos5MO

We are an English speaking country you should know it before you move here.


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