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 @9KCF8CPfrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

Those people do not accept the idea of admitting they have a privilege.

 @9KC5W6Lfrom Nova Scotia answered…3mos3MO

Because it's not true... Look at the demographic... There's a ton of white people in Ukraine that are white... Jewish people are white " **** those Neo Nazis"

I'm from Newfoundland, there's a ton of people who are lighter completed that are struggling... I'm not dismissing different ethnic struggles.. This country would be a better place if people engaged in a conversation with people they don't agree with.

 @9KBFTYW from British Columbia answered…3mos3MO

Some people struggle to understand the concept of 'white privilege' due to various factors, including societal conditioning, lack of awareness, and discomfort with acknowledging systemic inequalities. 'White privilege' refers to the inherent advantages and benefits that white individuals experience in society solely because of their skin color, often at the expense of people of color.

To explain 'white privilege' to those who may struggle to understand it, it's important to emphasize that it doesn't imply that white individuals haven't faced challen…  Read more

 @9KCLS45Conservativefrom Alberta answered…3mos3MO

I don’t know but I think it’s all what you define as privilege because I know lots of white people who worked there whole lives for what they have.But if you define it as a sense of safety then that’s a whole new story because most black people in a prodomintly white city or country then they probably don’t feel safe.

 @9KGWSV2from New Brunswick answered…3mos3MO

White privilege doesn’t exist for many white people. If you live in a white homogeneous part of the world it’s rich and poor. White privilege is a silly term. Cultural nepotism on the other hand is a better description of what white privilege try’s to convey. That in a historically white dominant society ie. the west. The dominant group favoured their own, consciously and unconsciously. They have an easier time navigating social and economic field. It’s about having benefits from being the in group. And in particular the in group that is a majority and wields economic and political power (both proportionally and in-proportionate quantity).

 @9KBHCRYfrom Quebec answered…3mos3MO

I believe some people struggle to understand the concept of 'white privilege' because, it's something that is rather unjust and cruel, especially when many white people are not good people.

 @9KBD7SZPeople’sfrom Quebec answered…3mos3MO

Because it's a bull **** lie designed to sow discord in the society that hears it.

 @9KB9XSZLiberalfrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

I think it's because white people are so privileged they don't understand or accept white privileged.

 @9KK2GFDfrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

Because it is something that was considered the norm, historically that is. It is something that has been seen before in the past and in the current timeline. Some POC are struggling and are still discriminated against while white people are given privilege that gives them an easy life. Those people who struggle to comprehend the concept of white privilege are those who do or may have white privilege. They struggle to understand because they do not know how to struggle for things that they already have. Or because they were taught aware of their privilege.

 @9KJX2DXConservativefrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

Probably becuase they were born with that privilage or jsut werent taught it i dont really know though

 @9KDLLZSfrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

Many people struggle to understand the concept of white privilege, because that is what they experience themselves.

 @9KD8SGVfrom Alberta answered…3mos3MO

We have been so engrained with misinformation and centuries of policies which benefit the white community, it is hard for people to accept there are flaws in the system.

 @9KBPFDQfrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

Some may not understand white privilege because they may not know how other races are treated, and may not realize how bad racism currently is.

 @9KBGZHYfrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

If you have grown up as a white person in a terrible and unfortunate nome, then that white person will not be able to understand nor went to believe in write privedge because someone or a movement is telling that person they have privilege when trey told do not. Same goes for ablackperson that grew up very provided and doesn't want that victim complex and want to be overall victimized.

 @9KM2MKRfrom Alberta answered…3mos3MO

The concept of "white privilege" is an extremely racist and unintelligent concept that fuels the stupidity, ignorance, and idiocy of the identity politics that permeates modern western culture

 @9KM2MJ6from Alberta answered…3mos3MO

White privilege isn't understand by some people as they believe themselves to have never been preveliaged as that was the person's norm. As they have never been discriminated, they don't recognize the benefits they have. White people are treated better from the past of racism and colonism, and as current countries in the "first world" with power are mostly white countries, class and power attributes to the unspoken class still present today.

 @9KGLXCKfrom Alberta answered…3mos3MO

White people were privileged more rights than others due to their race and skin colour, this is called "white privilege". People struggle with this term most likely because it has been that way for a long time and now that our society in some places is becoming more diverse it is harder for some of us to live this way. The fact needs to be accepted that times have changed and the fact that everyone deserves equal rights has already been established.

 @9KDM5FHGreenfrom Alberta answered…3mos3MO

I think some people might think well I didn’t grow up all that well and could have had say parents addicted to drugs however, that’s just privilege in general compared to white privilege, where you can get away with many things because of your colour and also get it much easier compared to anyone who is a different colour.

 @9KDLXRJfrom Saskatchewan answered…3mos3MO

They might struggle with it because they may not have experienced racism

 @9KDLL8WConservativefrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

 @9K9PJ26from Ontario answered…3mos3MO

one can deny the existence of white privilege because they cannot see it

 @9KJ8T54from Ontario answered…3mos3MO

I think some people struggle because they don’t experience it themselves and it’s hard for them to put themselves in another persons shoes, that being a person of colour/visible minority.

 @9KF8QLZLiberalfrom Alberta answered…3mos3MO

In my opinion, white people have gotten had a history of making bad things happen so that they could have better lives.White privilege should not be a thing, if anything I think coloured people back in the day should have had equal rights just as white people.

 @9KDTFTGfrom Saskatchewan answered…3mos3MO

 @9KDLPWHfrom Saskatchewan answered…3mos3MO

Some people may struggle to understand the concept of 'white privilege' because they may not have personally experienced discrimination or disparities based on their race

 @9KDLKJJfrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

Everyone wants to play the victim card. In the 21st century is this still a thing?

 @9KCF6ZPfrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

White people have always had it easier in this part of the world, and although there is less racism towards peope of colour, there is still some. White people may have it easier to say, get a job, because the boss is racist towards people of colour and don't want to hire them.

 @9KCDZZHConservativefrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

I think that the differences that are seen by white privelege are only highlighted because those who are not white use it as an excuse for other problems in society.

 @9KB34G7Green from Ontario answered…3mos3MO

 @9K9QJD8from Alberta answered…3mos3MO

White privilege is not something seen or felt, because it is how you live. People of color know it's real because they are the ones feeling the losses of it.
If you open your eyes and mind to others experiences, you can clearly feel and see it.

 @9K9PM7Kfrom British Columbia answered…3mos3MO

White privilege exists and I am ok with it. Canada was built by white people and the history and culture that our country was built off of is based on European culture. I do not want to change our country just for other new people.

 @9K98JR4from Ontario answered…3mos3MO

White privliege is knowing you wont be treated different because of your skin color

 @9K8N6L9from Alberta answered…3mos3MO

This concept does not exist. Whites are not the wealthiest, and do not own most of the institutions that harbor wealth and opportunities. Concepts such as 'white privilege' are used exclusively to employ policy that actively discriminates against whites.

 @9KJZGZ9from Ontario answered…3mos3MO

Many people see the idea of 'white privilege' as a personal attack or as a dismissal of the hardships experienced by white people who may be experiencing some of the same difficulties as are disproportionately experienced by people of colour.
In their defensive reactions, they lose the mental space to understand that 'white privilege' explains the objective knowledge our institutions and culture disproportionately disadvantage the ethnic minorities who often had no voice in their design. The privilege of white people is that some of these disadvantages are so unlikely to affect us that we had not even considered them as possibilities. White privilege is not an attack on white people, but a call to shut up and listen for once.

 @9KFDV6Hfrom Alberta answered…3mos3MO

People who haven’t faced discrimination will not understand the inequality people face and how they are privileged

 @9KDMSH3from Ontario answered…3mos3MO

Some who have not been exposed to the difference in treatment between white people and black people may not be able to comment on it. The treatment of white people is vastly better in the workplace, in society, in stores, etc than black people.

 @9K9JDF9Conservativefrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

some people struggle to undertsand beacuse they are so used to that privlage and was not taught enough

 @9K98W5Nfrom Alberta answered…3mos3MO

 @9KFL53WLiberalfrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

White privilege is when people are favoured due to their race and get many benefits. Some people just don understand it because they refuse to believe its real.

 @9KBKFBNfrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

some people dont understand the the white privilege in the past affects current economic situations through generational wealth

 @9K9T2CCLiberalfrom Alberta answered…3mos3MO

White privelage is the automatic advantage one is given by being born white in North America

 @9K94V2Xfrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

Because white people have never experienced racism so they don't know what its like.

 @9KJZH2Xfrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

People struggle to understand the concept of white privilege because they weren't around back when slavery existed. White privilege still remains from back when slavery was a thing. White privilege is when a white person gets more rights or privileges than another race and white people are treated better.

 @9KFPG7Wfrom Ontario answered…3mos3MO

Some people struggle to understand this concept because we have been privileged for so long and have gotten too used to it. I would explain this to be us neglecting to acknowledge what white peoples have done to black people centuries ago.

 @9KCSHHZfrom British Columbia answered…3mos3MO

 @9KDYD2Wfrom Saskatchewan answered…3mos3MO

Many people who struggle to understand the concept of white privilege are privileged people. I would explain how the very foundation of the American prison system is built on the backs of freed slaves. The American prison system wasn't the way it is now until black slaves were freed in the American civil war.


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