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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

Privatize, but increase environmental and regulatory oversight for price control

@98XTYYBConservativefrom British Columbia  answered…6hrs

Nationalise transmission, metering, and large generation assets; privatise smaller generation assets such as wind turbines, LNG generation plants, and solar farms.

@98TLB6Mfrom Alberta  answered…1wk

@98Q4NCGfrom Ontario  answered…2wks

Nationalize but if Privatized increase environmental and regulatory oversight for price control

@98HXQFCfrom British Columbia  answered…4wks

It should be both, in a sense of privatized so there’s competition with completive pricing with oversight with nationalized by the government so could also have some skin in the game and gain some profits too.

@98HL8XHfrom Alberta  answered…1mo

Need a mix of both if we’re going to be successful fighting climate change & meeting tte worlds energy needs. Canada has an opportunity to show leadership here - DON’T BLOW IT!

@9864788from Vermont  answered…2mos

Both have benefits and shortcomings and can be used simultaneously.

@98554TRfrom Washington  answered…2mos

The government should ban the carbon tax and lower other taxes. Keep the government out

@97BRZXPfrom Ontario  answered…3mos

nationalize, with a firm commitment to more sustainable and enviromentaly safe methods... and nuclear lots of nuclear

@96QP3KDfrom Ontario  answered…3mos

privitizing the energy sector will only raise prices because it will never be at cost. While nationalisation allows for that money to pay for schools and infistructure

@96K3HXPfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

@95ZZP2Sfrom Quebec  answered…4mos

@95ZXJVJfrom Saskatchewan  answered…4mos

Privatize, removing red tape and incentivizing Canadian production.

@95WSYH7from Saskatchewan  answered…4mos

A mixed approach, like the rest of our economy might be the way to go. Particularly during this transition period it is essential we go through to reduce GHG. Everyone will hate this solution, making it probably the right one.

@948L3W4New Democraticfrom Alberta  answered…6mos

@9464L2Wfrom New Brunswick  answered…6mos

Nationalize, and encourage people to work, so they get money and help the community

@944JYRHfrom Alberta  answered…6mos

The government should require increased reinvestment into Canadian developments and reduce profits leaving the the country.

@93VKG4LPeople’s Partyfrom Ontario  answered…7mos

Nationalize. Privatizing will increase the costs because it would be in the hands of corporations.

@936GP2VPeople’s Partyfrom Alberta  answered…8mos

Privatize, but increase the amount of royalties companies have to pay to the gpvernment

@92VJXN3from Quebec  answered…9mos

Having both nationationalized (like Hydro Québec) and privatized companies is fine, it is not necessary to have only one or the other.

@92TPFLJfrom Manitoba  answered…9mos

@92M4ZTQfrom Ontario  answered…9mos

Nationalize delivery, breakup and privatize energy production companies

@92KJZ4Lfrom Ontario  answered…9mos

maintain the status quo, but increase environmental and regulatory oversight for price contrl

@924B2SNfrom Alberta  answered…10mos

Governments appear to want control but then take no responsibility.

@8ZTSR7Dfrom Ontario  answered…10mos

Carbon taxes should tune up energy wasters, including citizens and corporations. The challenge is a bigger “bite” to the well off, who don’t get that climate change is real.

@8ZPLDLPfrom Ontario  answered…11mos

Difficult to determine what would truly reduce energy costs. Reduction in cost may not be related to how the sector is structured.

@8Z9R3TXRhinocerosfrom British Columbia  answered…11mos

Both privatized and nationalized energy companies to keep the sector competitive while allowing for Canadian control of national resources.

@8Y34B8Qfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

@8Y2BJPXGreenfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Yes as long as the government sets very strict regulations for using ONLY sustainable resources to produce energy.

@8XZYC7Yfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

@8XZC2RVfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

To reduce energy costs we should break up hyrdo into smaller companies. As long as they have the monopoly it doesn't matter weather the government gets involved

@8XM5JKTNew Democraticfrom Newfoundland  answered…1yr

@8X4Q4DZfrom Quebec  answered…1yr

@8WP78JHfrom Nova Scotia  answered…1yr

Nationalize the grid / delivery of energy, privatize the creation and sale of energy

@8W65L6QNew Democraticfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr


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