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Increase, but only for countries that have no human rights violations

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@983LQNZfrom Saskatchewan  answered…3 days

@982YYJNfrom Ontario  answered…3 days

Drastically decrease. That's the only news I see is JT giving away more money to other countries

@97YYP9Rfrom Ontario  answered…1wk

@97XVYKLfrom New Brunswick  answered…2wks

@97XSLJYfrom New Brunswick  answered…2wks

@97T4JZCConservativefrom Ontario  answered…2wks

Decrease, and deny aid to countries that harbour or promote terrorism, or infringe on human rights, and to reduce our national budget deficit

@97SK8WMfrom Ontario  answered…2wks

Increase for countries that need it (human rights violations, countries in development)

@97QYQ2VCommunistfrom Ontario  answered…3wks

Neither, we should focus on building key buildings in other nations to help them.

@97NRTW8from Ontario  answered…3wks

Decrease aid to those countries that aren't putting it to good use. Also who harbor and promote terrorism.

@97MD27Bfrom Ontario  answered…3wks

Increase, but not too much that it impacts the budget and leaves the government in debt.

@97D3ZP8Liberalfrom Ontario  answered…4wks

Increase aid to countries that are impoverished and need it, but deny aid to countries that promote terrorism and racist views.

@97CNCYLConservativefrom Ontario  answered…4wks

Increase foreign aid spending so it can be utilized as a means of political bargaining and international diplomacy.

@97BKS8PLiberalfrom Alberta  answered…4wks

Increase, but deny any aid to countries that harbour or promote terrorism

@96Z72XKfrom British Columbia  answered…1mo

When I can survive on disability without being in legislated poverty, then perhaps you can throw money at other countries.

@96TP9DLfrom British Columbia  answered…1mo

@96SVLZGfrom New Brunswick  answered…1mo

@96SN4ZPfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

@96SLV3Pfrom British Columbia  answered…1mo

I think they should increase the spending by a little for really poor countries

@96SLCZMfrom British Columbia  answered…1mo

i think its a good idea to spend more, to keep status and to help other countries, because canada is a stable country

@96QSPJQfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

Increase foreign aid spending, especially in countries in Africa that are not developed enough

@96JJRBTfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

Increase, and we should construct more schools, methods of transportation, hospitals, etc.

@96HJ2SSfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

We need to be able to support our own country first before helping others

@96GC756New Democraticfrom Quebec  answered…2mos

Instead, Canada should collaborate more with NGOs and other independent organizations so that the funds are directed to helping the people, not the governments

@96D85B2from Ontario  answered…2mos

i think canada should spend more on canaidians than on other countrys

@96BSMK2from Alberta  answered…2mos

Adjust current aid spending for countries that align with western values

@96BHBSGfrom Manitoba  answered…2mos

@969Z7JSLiberalfrom British Columbia  answered…2mos

Decrease, only to countries who we are aligned with or allys with

@967V2B4from Alberta  answered…2mos

@965WMFPfrom Alberta  answered…2mos

Increase but with more oversight and accountability to who the money is going to

@964SF29Conservativefrom British Columbia  answered…2mos

@963MH6Bfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

@95ZMVJTNew Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

Decrease until we fix our own problems with lack of funding for vulnerable Canadians: indigenous, disabled and poorer communities need that funding here first

@95YVBXCfrom Alberta  answered…2mos

Increase, but for countries where the people actually get the aid and the government does not take it away from them.

@95YH955from Alberta  answered…2mos

keep it the same but if there really having trouble then increase

@95V2Q8Yfrom Quebec  answered…2mos

@95R2PKHfrom Alberta  answered…2mos

increase, but to given in helpful form such as buisnesss startup and loans for the economie and increasing their services


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