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Pro-choice, and providing birth control, sex education, and more social services will help reduce the number of abortions

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Pro-life, but allow in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother or child

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Pro-choice, I don’t agree but the government has no right to ban it

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@5BZLJGQfrom Ontario  answered…2yrs

Pro-choice, but include men in the process, because men don't have a say in the matter. When in the early stages of a pregnancy and there is a common knowledge that the man does not want a child, but woman does then she becomes fully responsible for that choice.

@5FXV3J3Conservativefrom British Columbia  answered…2yrs

pro choice, but people should have to pay out of pocket for such procedures.

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@98383Y9from Ontario  answered…5 days

No one should choose if someone can or can't abort a kid. If you won't let teens adopt, why should a little kid or teenager have to keep the child caused by rape if they are that young?

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i think abortion is bad but if u were raped or u dont even know who the father is then its alright i guess

@97Z5HGCfrom Ontario  answered…1wk

Pro-Choice, I believe that if the situation of abortion wasn't just argued over and actually got the physical attention and effort put into it, then almost all abortions wouldn't be necessary.

@97WXQS5from Ontario  answered…2wks

I do not support abortion. If you were raped i umderstand youre pain but you dont have the right to get rid of a child.

@97W5664from Nova Scotia  answered…2wks

@97VV7LKfrom Saskatchewan  answered…3wks

sometimes it comes to what it has to come to and abortions do happen to save the women. but other than that im against it.

@97VNKCSfrom Quebec  answered…3wks

@97VK9WCfrom British Columbia  answered…3wks

Pro choice and even make it a law that people need to pass a test to get a license to be allowed to have a child and if they don't pass the test then it gets aborted

@97VBHRJLiberalfrom British Columbia  answered…3wks

pro-choice espically if the woman is underage, raped or cannot provide for this kid or family they can abort it. however, if the baby is over 1-2 months and the family is able to provide for them then they shouldn't abort it.

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@97TR88Gfrom New Brunswick  answered…3wks

It is not fair to ban abortion because if a girl gets raped and gets pregnant she should no have to keep the baby if she did not give consent to have sex in the first place.

@97T4JZCConservativefrom Ontario  answered…3wks

Pro-choice AND pro-life. I abhor abortion, and consider the life in the womb to be sacred, and condemn the practice, but I do NOT want the government getting involved in this issue and telling a woman what to do. It should not be banned, but discouraged for other alternatives.

@97T4D48from Ontario  answered…3wks

Pro choice, If the man does not want a baby and the woman gets pregnant and chooses to keep the baby, the man should not need to pay child support. If the woman does not want the baby but the man does, the baby should be allowed to be aborted. Any victims of rape and incest should have pro-choice

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@97RDKCNfrom Ontario  answered…3wks

@97QMWCBfrom Manitoba  answered…3wks

I would ban abortions at about 16 weeks but make exemptions for women who are victims of rape or incest to get abortions when ever they want

@97NRTW8from Ontario  answered…3wks

Moral reasons, the answers vary to such a degree it's not definitive. Medical reasons are very circumstantial dependent.

@97M454KNew Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…4wks

@97HFDN3Conservativefrom Ontario  answered…4wks

Every women has her own choice and the government should not interfere with that

@97GN79Hfrom Alberta  answered…4wks

Pro-life, but providing birth control and sex education/social services are more effective than banning.

@97CWNKZfrom Kentucky  answered…4wks

Ban abortion after 12 weeks with exceptions for rape, incest, and the mother's life in the states.

@97C3L2Dfrom Ontario  answered…4wks

with the topic of abrotions I really do believe it matters on the type of situation your in for Ex; if your perfectly cable of having and raising your kid and you decide to abort it just because the timings isn't right that is wrong and you should not be allowed to get an abortion but if it is a young teenage girl who either just made a mistake or gotten raped than that teenage girl should have the chance to decide weather she wants to keep the baby or not

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@979SKFCConservativefrom Newfoundland  answered…1mo

Pro-life, but allow in cases of rape, incest, or danger of mother or child, and provide birth control, sex education and more social services to help reduce the need for abortions.

@9789DM5from Manitoba  answered…1mo

@977PY8Dfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

i dont really care unless its not my wife or mom or some other relative

@974VCGPfrom Alberta  answered…1mo

@974HJ9Qfrom Nova Scotia  answered…1mo

Abortions should only be legal if its rape, incest, or the mother is under 16. if they are older than 16 and it was consensual sex then tough luck dont have unprotected sex.

@973JYJRfrom Ontario  answered…1mo


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