Yes, and the government should provide free university education
No, tuition costs should be tied to inflation
Yes, recent tuition increases at universities across the country are too high and need to be capped
Yes, but only cap tuition to each student's first year rate

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 @4QXVML3from Ontario answered…3yrs3Y

YES - I think the Federal government should pay the full fee of Bachelor Degree program and 50% for Master's program (PHD is full responsibility of student). But all recipients must work 5 consecutive years within Canada or for a Canadian owned company; if they choose not to, then the full cost of university will have to be repaid within 5 - 8 years.

 @8CDLTDLfrom Alberta answered…4yrs4Y

No, however one's inability to afford the schooling tuition should not jeopardize their ability to get accepted into the school.

 @8NZWYH6from Manitoba answered…3yrs3Y

Yes and the government should work towards making tuition more affordable for post secondary students first while making the transition to free post secondary education.

 @9L8WLPDfrom Pennsylvania answered…2wks2W

only for domestic students international students should pay more and should have second priority to domestic students

 @9KG9KSMfrom Montana answered…2mos2MO

University is becoming too expensive. Students should have more opportunities for scholarships and grants. Universities should have regulations on how much they can charge on tuition but at the end of the day universities are private and charge as much as we wish. We need more low cost affordable public universities.

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