Yes, and adjust it every year according to inflation
No, this will only cause prices to increase in a never ending cycle
Yes, and make it a living wage
No, most minimum wage jobs are meant to develop experience, not support a family
No, and eliminate all wage standards

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 @8FZ4NNDfrom Ontario answered…4yrs4Y

No lower it, students will lose less money but it will help in the future for us with taxes and prices

 @8CM5QDJfrom Ontario answered…4yrs4Y

Yes and no, there should be adjustments according to inflation, but prices have already increased in a never ending cycle for so long... and we should bare in mind that lower-wage jobs are mostly for experience. There has been inconsistencies with payments from companies and level of experience...so there needs to be wage regulations instead of an exact minimum wage on all factors.

 @9NMKH8Vfrom British Columbia answered…1wk1W

Increase all wages. Not just minimum wage. Closing the gap from entry level wage and experience is not the answer

 @98F29ZBfrom Ontario answered…1yr1Y

Increase minimum wage in order to make it so someone can afford a basic car and shelter and vacation once a year and some sort of entertainment. Anyone caught increasing the basics in price should be fined.
This is only an example and a full dessription of the way I think it should be

 @989QYPPfrom Ontario answered…2yrs2Y

no the minimum wage should not increase - the tax structure should change to 0 tax for a person making minimum wage

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