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If you teach students about the past, and what has happened due to discrimination, the students could learn what bad has happened due to that, and if schools teach students about it they will understand more about stereotypical topics, so then students will learn what bad has happened due to the past discrimination, so then they should change due to learning what they have.

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understanding our privileges allows us to listen more compassionately to the marginalized, ensuring we are able to provide those struggling with the resources they need to be successful and be accepted and treated kindly.

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Children and teens can feel unseen and left out if their specific needs aren't met, and may feel uncomfortable, which may alter heir learning experience and not being them to full potential.


Many more vital issues to deal with and ideological hegemony should be done with in educational institutions.

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They should be allowed to, due to that it could teach students to not discriminate others due to other things they have been told stereotypes about some of the people that they could be discriminating against, but if teacher teach them about it, they could, and most likely should learn to treat everyone equally no matter what, depending on lets say if its a criminal, they don't get treated equally due to the things they have done.

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In order to support all of our diverse students and their varying needs in an equitable way, educators need to engage in discussions where they can examine their own identity and privilege, so they can teach with more compassion and understanding, ensuring that all students can access what they need to be successful.

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Teachers should at least know the basics on how to respond to those students who need extra help, and to not exclude anybody, learning how to include anybody.

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No, only for students that display racist behavior

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Everyone should be educated to reduce discrimination as a preventative measure instead of a reactive measure.

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There shouldn’t be training on how to be politically correct. If someone is offensive, just expel them. Don’t force them to learn something they don’t want. Just tell them there’ll be consequences if they commit acts of discrimination.

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No, and mandatory diversity training should be banned

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Yes, and all schools should require mandatory diversity training

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Yes, and immediately terminate any staff member that displays racist behavior

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No, only for teachers or faculty members that display racist behavior

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No, only private schools should be allowed to require mandatory training

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No, diversity training should be encouraged but not required

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No, but discriminatory behaviour should be grounds for repercussions. Publically funded schools should have published guidelines for when termination is warranted.

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Definitely for factors that people do not have a choice about such as skin colour or country of birth.

 @9GNXXXTfrom British Columbia answered…7mos7MO

Have more support for teachers, and hire well-educated and well-rounded people from all backgrounds.

 @9G7KWZYfrom Ontario answered…7mos7MO

Yes, but only for populations that historically have been oppressed by the education system directly (I.e., Disabled and Indigenous Students)

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No schools should have a code of conduct that recognizes respect for people of all backgrounds, abilities, gender expression etc..these courses should be a part of professional training of young people, and part of the expectation of conduct of all employees.

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I think anybody should have the right to say whatever they want to say, but they must know that there will be consequences NOT legal but other people might do something to them for whatever they chose to say.

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Yes, also creating awareness of Indigenous peoples history due to Canada. Discrimination against Indigenous peoples needs to stop. Every other race or culture is respected or unbothered. Educate! Or the cycle of disrespect and racism will only continue.

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Teachers and school staff should receive diversity training so they do not pass biases and prejudice on to students. It's important teachers be informed on topics such as homophobia, transphobia, racism and xenophobia to help foster a welcoming classroom environment. Teachers shouldn't be allowed to spread hate speech in the classroom.

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Mandatory Training should be focused less in cultures/ethnicities and more on differences that are universal to all humans — such as biological gender (female rights, toxic masculinity) and disabilities.

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Should be based on the location and the census based on the type of people attending the school and in the area.


No, and "diversity" training should be banned for pushing terrorist propaganda.

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Unfortunately in education, we always take things to an extreme to overcorrect past wrongs. Then we find ourselves overcorrecting our overcorrections. Diversity training or training in multicultural education should be a part of our inservice development for teachers so that we understand how to meet the needs and be aware of all the students we service. We must never EVER use this type of training to make current students ashamed of their heritage, race or sex.

 @9BK2RQ6from British Columbia answered…1yr1Y

Encourage teaching of black history, as well as other marginalized histories in Canadian school textbooks for students, but also fund museums which allow people to tell their stories. But for staff, also have training available for them.

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No, all staff should look at a person for who they are not their, ethnicity, sexuality or hair colour.


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