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 @9JS8GNHfrom Alberta agreed…4mos4MO

If you teach students about the past, and what has happened due to discrimination, the students could learn what bad has happened due to that, and if schools teach students about it they will understand more about stereotypical topics, so then students will learn what bad has happened due to the past discrimination, so then they should change due to learning what they have.

 @9H4KC4Kfrom Ontario agreed…7mos7MO

understanding our privileges allows us to listen more compassionately to the marginalized, ensuring we are able to provide those struggling with the resources they need to be successful and be accepted and treated kindly.

 @9H4K6DGPeople’sfrom Alberta agreed…7mos7MO

Children and teens can feel unseen and left out if their specific needs aren't met, and may feel uncomfortable, which may alter heir learning experience and not being them to full potential.


Many more vital issues to deal with and ideological hegemony should be done with in educational institutions.

 @9FB7792from Alberta disagreed…9mos9MO

What is there to train? There are different skin colors in schools already. Training the teacher to hate the white kids is just going to create more biases not eliminate them.


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