Yes, and lower the cap to 20%
No, any worker should be rewarded based on their success
Yes, and lower the cap to 50%
Yes, and nationalise the banks

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 @9GPTJ2Dfrom British Columbia answered…6mos6MO

No, individuals who do not wish to contribute to private banking profits may choose to manage their finances through a co-operative institution of their choice.

 @9LJGNWT from British Columbia answered…1wk1W

No, but allow unlimited regional banks to form and get rid of CDIC and CMHC. Bank depositors must realize that banks borrow their deposits and often make risky investments. Get rid of all methods of protecting these "sacred cows." Their protection is one of the reasons that Canada is plagued with supply side management marketing boards and why MILLIONS of gallons of milk are dumped every year.

 @9FCZK2Lfrom Nova Scotia answered…7mos7MO

 @9F7C49Qfrom Georgia answered…7mos7MO

Yes, but we should also nationalize the banks and the financial system.

 @9F2XS9Mfrom British Columbia answered…8mos8MO

I believe bankers should not be given such hefty bonuses because banks as a whole would still function well without a doubt even with a "higher effort" employee. Large bonuses such as this should be given to physical labor workers, healthcare workers, teachers so on and so forth. The people who deserve bonuses in the work force do not receive them which is extre3nely corrupt in my opinion.