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Yes, and politicians of any age should be required to pass a mental competency test

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Yes, and ban anyone over the age of 75 from running for office

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Depending on the individual, being over 65 can cause severe inadvertent mental side effects stemming from a decline in mental acuity which can start at the age of 50 in some individuals.

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No, mental competency is too subjective

 @9LWTP72Conservative from British Columbia disagreed…3mos3MO

The use of mental competency testing has proven to filter out mentally incompetent individuals from flying a plane. This drastically reduces the risk of planes crashing and passengers becoming injured. The same should be applied to an individual placed in control of a countries entire population and well being.

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No, this discriminates against older politicians

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No, our government needs experienced leaders

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Mandatory retirement should be initiated at 75, along with Term Limits for all elected roles, and the senate should be banned or elected.

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It depends. There's a legitimate argument to be made, as older people have more health issues which could impede decisions, but younger people also have that to some ability, so I would say we should be more cautious.

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No, as there is a minimum age requirement, there should be a maximum age requirement. Mental tests can be subjective, but a full health check would be better. We should know if a candidate is terminally ill or not.

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No, but require psychiatric evaluation every 2 years for politicians aged 80 years or older


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