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 @9H5ZJRSfrom Ontario answered…7mos7MO

When we prioritize old-fashioned gender roles over people's well-being, it hurts transgender individuals. They face discrimination, fewer opportunities, and struggles with mental health. It also keeps up outdated norms that make life harder for those who don't fit the traditional mold. We need to be more inclusive and supportive to ensure everyone's well-being is valued.

 @9H6FW7Zfrom Ontario answered…7mos7MO

It can possibly lead to the mental health of transgender people deterioating which will only make everything else more worse.

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Hanging on to tradition is detrimental to the progress of society. If everyone can accept each other, we will be more able to work towards common goals

 @9H6F8PXfrom Ontario answered…7mos7MO

I think that tradition is needed and as for trangenders, they can dowhatever they want after 18 without influencing kids in schools. I think society needs some tradition as base because your feeling are not more important over the basic biology that makes up the human body.

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Traditional gender roles are a social construct that people make to have authority over someone else in this case, women, individual well-being is more important than social norms and following the ever-lasting social construct of gender roles. Forcing traditional gender roles on people who don't wish to follow them can affect them very negatively and can cause more harm than good.