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@9VZ8NM3Conservativefrom Ontario  answered…5mos

Stay there to have a voice, but start fighting back against their insane tyrannical views.

@9WKJ8Q6Rhinocerosfrom British Columbia  answered…4mos

The UN no longer seems to do the job it used to. We are not using the it as a Peace Keeping Force and it seems fraught with an identity crisis.

@9WJH76CRhinocerosfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

I feel the UN hasn't been doing their duties to the fullness of their ability and to the fullness of their heart. A lot of unfairness has been uncovered, rendering them as unreliable.

@9TWQHCVCommunistfrom Ontario  answered…8mos

@9STXKJKCommunistfrom Ontario  answered…10mos

Yes, and use our presence to push for peace and cooperation amongst major world powers and encourage disarmament.

@9H3B7DGConservativefrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Yes, and attempt to reform the organization from the inside

@9GP3MCPLiberalfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

@9QRLBZXLiberalfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

I do not take sides in political affairs regarding Canadian presence

@9FWK2P6Communistfrom Manitoba  answered…1yr

Why contribute to global security thats being escalated by social media when our forces and personal are better served and useful at home...its a no btw

@9FV9KLLCommunistfrom British Columbia  answered…1yr

Yes, but the U.N. should be reformed to be more democratic and to not favor the wealthiest and richest countries.

@9WPTS8XPeople’s Partyfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

We should unite the nations and workers under the red banner

@9Z23MLWCommunistfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

no the last time international law was followed properly was yhe nerinburg trials

@9YYYZLTRhinocerosfrom Ontario  answered…1mo

Yes, and we should fight for a permanent seat at the security council.

@9YDG2ZVNew Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…2mos

No, abolish the United Nations. It is supportive of one-world government.

@9XHDPJZChristian Heritagefrom Quebec  answered…4mos

The U.N. Is a usless organization of people who are so disconnected from the reality of the real world. That over the years have seen to prolonging wars, and genocide and famine. Without ever raising a finger to help. What makes it worse when they do sent aid it usually aids the persecutors and not the victims.

@9WYGDRMNew Democraticfrom Alberta  answered…4mos

No the u.n has shown to only have the interest of major economic powers.and if Canada wishes to shed our legacy of imperialism we must abandon imperialist organizations

@9WSYMLXRhinocerosfrom British Columbia  answered…4mos

No, and dismantle the UN. It's a corrupt organization run by 5 countries for their own benefit.

@9WS3MTTCommunistfrom British Columbia  answered…4mos

@9WNZW59New Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…4mos

I just don’t understand enough about this to have an opinion.

@9WHTVYTGreenfrom Alberta  answered…5mos

@9W9M5Y4Christian Heritagefrom British Columbia  answered…5mos

NO, and stop following any UN recommendations. Support our NATO allies.

@9W3DQVHNew Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

Yes, and increase spending on U.N peacekeeping forces, and remove the U.N. Headquarters from the U.S.

@9VVR6DTCommunistfrom Ontario  answered…5mos

The UN is more of a centrist nation and we still sell arms to isreal and saudi arabia so is it really peace keeping?

@9VSZCGSNew Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…6mos

Yes and increase pressure on those breaching international law such as Israel and China

@9VP8CRPConservativefrom Ontario  answered…6mos

No, but stop putting the countries who violate human rights on important committes on human rights...... (cough cough Saudi)

@9VP5HMXConservativefrom Quebec  answered…6mos

Yes, but only if the United Nations respects Canada and its laws and doesn’t interfere with Canada’s government.

@9VNLQKRGreenfrom British Columbia  answered…6mos

@9VHY6D5New Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…7mos

Yes, and push for a reform to make the U.N. actually do effective work

@9VGDPJKNew Democraticfrom Alberta  answered…7mos

Yes, but STRONGLY push Canada's role in the U.N. in order to avoid becoming in the sphere of the United States.

@9V9TJ7BCommunistfrom New Brunswick  answered…8mos

No, and it should back away from global financial institutions that maintain the global economic order

@9V43Q49People’s Partyfrom Ontario  answered…8mos

we should as it benefits us greatly, however, during a time of war, the U.N's rules of engagement is very bad, and could cost more lives of Canadians than necessary

@9V3F5VVBloc Québécoisfrom Saskatchewan  answered…8mos

Usa is basically war and Canada is basically sorry so basically thats how war crys happen

@9TZVKKTGreenfrom Alberta  answered…8mos

The Un security council should be abolished because Canadian involvement will not matter until the veto initiative is gone

@9TZNVDNNew Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…8mos

Yes but only in the hopes of stopping the US from damaging the world too much

@9TZGKX3New Democraticfrom Ontario  answered…8mos

Yes, but we should be content with our position as just a member of the greater group--we are a soft power and need not 'reach for the top' of the elite UN break out groups

@9TZCL4VConservativefrom Alberta  answered…8mos

Yes, but the UN is kind of a useless organization that doesn't do much in certain countries during a crisis

@9R6KNJ9Communistfrom Ontario  answered…1yr

Depart the united nation and depend upon our own government to provide necessary humanitarian efforts across the globe. The timing efforts independent nations can at times supersede the efforts of the un


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