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Yes, drug abuse should be treated as a health issue, not a criminal issue

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No, this would encourage drug use and lower funding for rehabilitation centers

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@98678KQfrom Ontario  answered…9hrs

Yes, but access to "safe havens" is only for those actively participating in an agreed upon rehabilitation plan facilitated by support staff

@9863HW4from Manitoba  answered…1 day

MAKE HUMANS FEEL HUMAN AGAIN! Addiction is familiar in any family, anywhere. When in active addiction you loose your sense of humanity. Let’s help give it back!

@982MQGMfrom Alberta  answered…6 days

yes but only if they also receive help in overcoming addiction such as access to adiction meetings

@97TX4J6Communistfrom Alberta  answered…3wks

@97QRMG4from Ontario  answered…3wks

Yes, however it should consist of treatment to help users beat the addictions

@972G5M7from Ontario  answered…1mo

Yes, drug abuse should be treated as a health issue, not a criminal issue, but these "safe havens" shold also offer rehabilitation servcies

@96WZN6Xfrom Nova Scotia  answered…1mo

I feel as though safe havens would be a bad idea for rehabilitation centers but i feel like at the same time they would be good for people who are very addicted to drugs and need a safe place to do it where its legal and if anything happens medical professionals will be there.

@8532KYJ from Georgia answered…1mo

@964GHFBfrom Alberta  answered…2mos

Yes, but only with the intent to provide mental health care and psychological support while allowing addictive persons safety.

@95SJWGRNew Democraticfrom New Brunswick  answered…2mos

Only under conditions of medical supervision if agreed to a rehabilitation program. Tax the rich increase on addictions. Government makes enough tax on addictions (lottery, cigarettes, vaping products, sugary drinks, cannabis, recyclables, electronics, tires, etc.)

@95MBVLMfrom Alberta  answered…3mos

@95LMVRNfrom Ontario  answered…3mos

i think this is a decent idea but also put limits on how much are used and what is used and where it came from

@95J9PCRfrom Ontario  answered…3mos

Yes, but therapy and education should play significant parts in such programs as well.

@93ZTK4Dfrom Alberta  answered…4mos

@7BQY5PJ from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

Under certain circumstances This might help them to be weaned off

@939RP2Dfrom Ontario  answered…6mos

No we should decriminalize drugs and provide more government funded rehabilitation programs.

@939QXJ4from Ontario  answered…6mos

@937NYP8from Ontario  answered…6mos

@932V85R from Nevada answered…7mos

@92LN4C8from Ontario  answered…7mos

Yes, as a program to wean them off with the focus on getting them in the workforce, prevent relapse

@92JKKKWfrom Manitoba  answered…7mos

Yes, but they should have the medical professionals help them get off the drug

@92FP4P6from British Columbia  answered…8mos

We need to adopt the same program as the Dutch and completely change how we approach people with substance addictions. The mode we operate now is flawed and broken and we need a much better way of helping people with addiction.

@92FFLQ4from Ontario  answered…8mos

if people are going to use drugs either way i think that it is better to be supervised of a medical professional

@929LRF2People’s Partyfrom Alberta  answered…8mos

Only with significant mental health and counseling supports in place and linked to sites. Not as a policy on its own.

@4M78YV6 answered…8mos

No, but we should treat drug abuse more as a health issue than a criminal issue. Addiction is a not as simple as black and white. I believe there should be incentivization of private corporations to aid with drug use. Not a safe haven where folks can use at will but a treatment clinic where people can safely be rehabilitated.

@9284J5Jfrom Nova Scotia  answered…8mos

@927ZSKVfrom Ontario  answered…8mos

@926WRXBLiberalfrom Ontario  answered…8mos

@926DM4T from Missouri answered…8mos

Not to just use them still but maybe for recovery and weening off of them.

@925SXXXfrom Ontario  answered…8mos

@92234D3from Ontario  answered…8mos

@8ZYFF4JGreenfrom Ontario  answered…8mos

yes and no, it might help prevent drug overdoses but then its basically supporting their addiction saying its ok

@8ZX5HSVLiberalfrom Alberta  answered…8mos

Yes, so long as it is a part of treatment for drug usage, and other measures are in place to limit drug usage,

@8ZW44WGfrom Ontario  answered…9mos

@8ZW3F4Lfrom Saskatchewan  answered…9mos

i think increasing rehab efforts is a better way on the illegal drug problem

@8ZVMXF6from Alberta  answered…9mos

@8ZVGZ99from Ontario  answered…9mos

@8ZVCGY7from Ontario  answered…9mos

Yes, however the nurses start weening the drug users off the drugs, not immediately cutting them off and not giving them as much as they want.


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