Yes, but only selective logging, no clearcutting, and a plan for regrowth
No, preservation of our forests outweighs the economic benefits
Yes, but only if the profits stay in Canada

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 @9LJGNWT from British Columbia answered…3 days3D

Yes, through selective logging and forest regeneration AND secondary and tertiary manufacturing within Canada. Sending ANY logs overseas or out of country for processing elsewhere is bad... but so are the closed shop union businesses that cannot be profitable compared to non-unionized production elsewhere.

 @9JZP7TYfrom Quebec answered…2mos2MO

We should look at more renewable materials as alternatives to logging. Logging should be done in renewable forests and old growth to be avoided as much as possible

 @9GPTJ2Dfrom British Columbia answered…5mos5MO

No, there are many alternative wood-engineered products that are now available that do not rely on the size/quality of old-growth lumber. Old growth lumber is used primary for cosmetic / vanity and should be banned from use. Furthermore, most old-growth logs are exported so they may be sold for the highest proffet, benefiting the seller, not the community in which the old growth forest was removed.

 @9C7MJ75from Ontario answered…11mos11MO

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